Thanks & Giving: A Children’s Booklist for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a great time for sharing stories. For many, Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on the things we are grateful for and also how we can be generous to and mindful of those around us. I wrote a post about how to mindfully read books about Thanksgiving with kids— This booklist is an […]




Learning How To Read: A Beginning Reader Booklist

Do you remember the first book you read by yourself? For those of you with older readers, what was the first book your child read independently? Venturing into the beginning reader section of a library or bookstore is overwhelming. Each publisher has their own reading level categories and don’t even get me started on all […]



Favorite Children’s Books About Summer

Warm summer months are filled with lemonade, lazy days, swimming pools, and firefly nights. This booklist celebrates a few of our favorite children’s picture books featuring all things summer! If you’re heading to the library, I’ve assembled a library list of these titles for easy browsing if your library uses the bibliocommons catalog system. If […]



Enchanting New Fairy Books + Fairy Booklist

I’m so excited about these books that I may or may not be wearing a pair of my kids’ dress-up fairy wings as I type this. Not only because FAIRIES, but because the enchanting books in this post are very near-and-dear to our hearts. Imelda & the Goblin King by Briony May Smith (public library) […]



Favorite Children’s Books About Weather

“What will the weather be like today?” It’s one of the first questions we think of when we wake in the morning. Every day we experience weather. Some of us live in places where the weather is consistently the same throughout the year, and some of us live in places where there is a wide […]



Favorite Children’s Books about Spring

The crocuses have bloomed, the birds are singing, the sun is rising earlier each day– Signs of spring are everywhere! The first official day of the spring season, the Spring Equinox or Vernal Equinox, is just around the corner and there are so many terrific kids books to  welcome the new season. My autumn booklist […]



Favorite Books About Mail + Writing Letters

You’ve got mail! (Oh, how that expression ages me.) Who doesn’t enjoy receiving a letter from someone special to you in the mail? We sent out a batch of freshly glued, painted, laced, and glittered Valentines earlier this week and it got me thinking about my favorite children’s picture books about mail, mail carriers, and […]



Chinese New Year Good Luck Decorations

It is almost the Lunar New Year, which means we have been busy making good luck decorations for our home to welcome the new year. One of the most popular Lunar New Year decorations is hanging good luck characters, nianhua, as well as spring couplets, chun lian, good wishes for the new year on doors […]



Happy Kansas Day: Kids Booklist + Activities

  Happy Kansas Day! Kansas became a state on January 29, 1861 and each year its birthday is celebrated throughout the state. Many museums, libraries, and historic sites offer programs and events on this holiday, but there are also simple ways to observe the day with kids regardless of where you are.  Here are a […]



Month by Month: Books About the Year

  Happy New Year! The new year is just around the corner, which also brings about the question” “What does ‘Happy New Year’ mean”? What’s ‘a year’ anyway? Explaining time to a young person is confusing in many ways. (It’s a perplexing concept to me, too!) In this day in age, we use the Gregorian […]