Winter Storytime

Snow was in the air for yesterday’s Winter Storytime. We had a great time with the stories and songs and crafting SNOWGLOBES! Chosing books to read was difficult this time through, because there’re so many great winter stories. I’m thinking later this week the honorable mention winter books will have to make an appearance.

Winter Storytime Lineup:

Snowey Pokey

You put your right mitten in, You take your right mitten out,
You put your right mitten in and you shake it all about.
You do the Snowey Pokey and you turn yourself around.
That’s what it’s all about!

Continue with additional verses:
You put your left mitten in
You put your scarf in
You put your right boot in
You put your hat in
you put your snowself in

The First Day of Winter by Denise Fleming

I read this book to the tune, “The Twelve Days of Christmas”.

It was such a fun read.

Over and Under the Snow by Kate Messner, illustrated by Christopher Silas Neal

Ahhhhhh!!! I love Christopher Silas Neal’s work. And I’ve been waiting and waiting for the perfect time to read this book. It’s easily one of my favorite picture books of the year.


To the tune: “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”

Snowflakes, snowflakes,
Dance around.
Snowflakes, snowflakes,
Touch the ground.
Snowflakes, snowflakes,
In the air.
Snowflakes, snowflakes,
Snowflakes, snowflakes,
Dance around.
Snowflakes, snowflakes,
Touch the ground.

Snowmen at Night by Caralyn Buehner, illustrated by Mark Buehner

An instant comedy act.

I Built a Snowman

I built a little snowman. (make circles with arms)
He had a carrot nose. (point to nose)
Along came a bunny (hold up two bent fingers)
And what do you suppose? (shrug)
That hungry little bunny, (make bunny again)
Looking for his lunch, (hop bunny around)
Ate the snowman’s nose. (grab nose with fingers)
Nibble… nibble… CRUNCH! (pretend to eat carrot nose)

Winter is the Warmest Season by Lauren Stringer

I’ve had my eye on this book since the summertime. And I’d have to agree…

Snow by Manya Stojic

This book is good for all ages, but especially the toddlers and preschoolers.

Winter Storytime Craft:


Will and I have been saving jars in our house since October for this craft. Peanut butter jars, olive jars, pickle jars, jelly jars, sauce jars, mustard jars, bouillon cube jars, any kind of jar. With the help of a couple co-workers too, I had just enough for the entire storytime gang yesterday.

The directions I used for this craft were from a doctor’s office magazine, but also found inspiration here and here.

When I found birds for the snowbird craft I also picked up miniature trees and miniature wintry animals from the craft store. I also found ceramic ornaments from the thrift store. All the non-holiday ones were used by the kids yesterday.

To start, we secured florist clay to the inside of the jar lid. The kids picked one or two figurines, depending on how big their lids were, and pushed them into the clay. If they could press more clay to stabilize their figure, they held their place in water a lot better.

After they were finished with that step, they came over the the “Snow Station” where I finished off their snowglobes. On a small cart I had a few pitchers of water, glycerin (which can be found in the face/beauty section of a drugstore), and glitter.

SIDE STORY: When I went to get glycerin at our local drug store, I thought it might be a soap ingredient but didn’t know where to find it. So, I asked the pharmisist and her reply was, “You mean suppositories?”

me: “Ummm… no. I don’t need to poop. I’m looking for glycerin?”

pharmacist: “I think it’s with the laxatives.”

me: “Are you thinking of mineral oil, because I’m not looking for mineral oil. I’m looking for glycerin.”

pharmacist: “I don’t think we have that. Let me ask the cashier.”

We walk over to the cashier and ask.

cashier: “Yeah… it’s with the face wash.”

pharmacist: “I thought it might be there.”


So back to Snowglobes…

At the “Snow Station”, I poured water into the jar until it was almost full. Added 3-4 drops of glycerin and then depending on how big or small the jar was, about a spoonful of glitter.

Fastened the jar lid to the jar.

And let the snow fall.

A dad mentioned they did this a couple years ago as gifts to grandparents from his children. Today, I made this Santa snowglobe one for a friend.

*All songs and hand rhymes were adapted from Everything Preschool

**image sources: Over and Under the Snow, First Day, Over and Under, Snowmen at Night, Winter is the Warmest Season


7 Responses to “Winter Storytime”

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I remember making snow globes with my mom as a kid. Stands out as one of the best (and there were many) craft projects of all times. We used egg shells for snow though. Glitter makes much more sense! I’ve met Chris Silas Neal…a couple times. Nice guy. I’ve heard that book is great.

    • Rebecca says:

      Snowglobes were something I’ve never made as a kid and always wanted to. You’ve met Christopher Silas Neal? That’s great! I really enjoy his work. Do you have any favorite illustrators at the moment? My co-worker was an illustration major at KU and when we work together we’re always leafing through, admiring beautiful books….

  2. Thanks for the suggestions. We’re starting a winter story time at our church and the songs will be great. Love the book titles — headed to the library to check them out!

    • Rebecca says:

      Thank you for the kind words, Lindsey :) If you’re unable to get a hold of all the books on that reading selection, I listed a few other winter favorites here. Have a great time!


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