Adventures as Annie: Midnight on the Moon

The last Magic Tree House Adventures session of the year took place on the moon! If you’re not familiar with Magic Tree House Adventures, it’s a library program that I conduct for kids ages 5 & up. Each session focuses on one book from the popular Magic Tree House series by Mary Pope Osborne which […]




Adventures as Annie: Twister on Tuesday

This was one of the best adventures yet! In April, Magic Tree House Adventures went back in time to the 1870’s and witnessed one of mother nature’s most incredible and dangerous phenomenons- a tornado! Kansas is known for it’s tornadoes (thank you Wizard of Oz), and we are currently in prime tornado season, so I […]



Adventures as Annie: Pirates Past Noon

In March, our theme for Magic Tree House Adventures was Pirates Past Noon. Arr!!! Magic Tree House Adventures (you can view past programs here) is a monthly library program for kids ages 5 & up in which each session is themed around one of Mary Pope Osborne’s Magic Tree House books.  This month, we walked […]



Adventures as Annie: The Knight at Dawn

Magic Tree House Adventures is BACK! Thank you to everyone that has emailed and/or commented about the previous programs. I loved hearing your feedback. For those of you who are new here, Magic Tree House Adventures is a monthly public library program for ages 5-8. Each session is themed around a book in the Magic […]



Adventurs as Annie in EGYPT

This was the last Magic Tree House Adventures session until the school year picks up again in the fall. I now feel that I have a small understanding of how a teacher feels on their last day of school. Going to miss those kids. We didn’t have a crazy 50+ group like in the past […]



Adventures of Annie Aboard the Titanic

Before starting the Magic Tree House Adventures: Tonight on the Titanic program last Saturday, a parent came up to me and said, “You know this ship is going down, right?” Last weekend, was the third edition of Magic Tree House Adventures. February theme was Hour of the Olympics and March was Leprechaun in Late Winter. […]



Adventures as Annie in Ireland

Magic Tree House Adventures went to 19th-century Ireland for the second edition of our new library program for kids 5 & up based on the popular series Magic Tree House by Mary Pope Osborne. Like many cities, St. Patrick’s Day in Lawrence, Kansas is quite the event. But aside from the parades and green get-up, […]



Adventures As Annie

Lately, I’ve been going back in time. And I’m not talking about a daydream trip down memory lane. Farther. For example, last Saturday I went to Ancient Greece. To the Anceint Olympic Games. To the stars and back. True story. If you have children in grade school, are a teacher, bookseller, or librarian, it’s more […]