Wild Things in November

Wild Things in November - November abscission (1)

kansas woods walk (2)

feather painting (3)

golden ginko (4)

…and they all fall down - ginko leaves (5)

snail feast (6)

november sunset (7)

november discovery bottles (8)

kansas mushroom foraging (9)

november reflections (10)

animal tracks (11)

Full Frost Moon (12)

end of season gathering (13)

quiet walk (14)

icy luster leaves (15)

This November started out with warmth and sunshine and is ending with a frosty bite. I used to be sorrowful when fall’s colors faded, but I have a new fondness for this month– The way the blazing light illuminates the hills of naked trees at sunset and the soft golden and earthy pallor of the prairies and farmland. The squirrels and snails had a fine feast of October pumpkins that now lay sunken in the yard. Like the squirrels and snails, we have retreated into our wintertime routines. Extra blankets have been thrown on the beds, sweaters have been pulled out of storage, and the kids are dreaming of snow.
1. November abscission
2. woods walking
3. feather painting
4. Golden Gingko Eve
5. …And they all fall down.
6. snail feast
7. harvest sunset
8. This month’s nature discovery bottle collections
9. Mushroom foraging + identification
10. November’s reflections
11. Deer and coyote tracks
12. Full Frost Moon
13. End of Season Gathering
14. Quiet morning walk
15. Crinch crinkle crinch crunch crinch crinkle chrinch crunch (footsteps on icy leaves)


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