Hallowe’en Greetings

Halloween Greetings

Happy Halloween my witchies and ghouls! Are you dressing up this year? I still haven’t put together my costume for a Halloween party this evening… It’s a make it work moment!

What I enjoy most about Halloween is actually the tail end of Halloween. That moment in the late night when the trick-or-treating has ended, the kids are sleeping, the streets are dark and the afterglow of jack-o-lanterns are flickering and fading. It is quiet. My partner and I either read in the glow of our paper lanterns and Halloween baubles or watch something not-at-all-scary because someone is a wuss (me). While I enjoy the the hustle and bustle and dress-up and parties and goodies and pumpkin carving and rushing from door to door, that brief moment of calm after the leaves have settled is my Halloween.

To send you off into this jolly, Halloween-y weekend, below is a list of tricks and treats for you and yours enjoy:

Celebrate All Hallow’s Read! All Hallow’s Read is a tradition started by Neil Gaiman to give someone a scary book on Halloween or the week of Halloween. Here’s a list of Neil-approved spooky books for all-ages AND if you want Halloween picture book recommendation for young little goblins check out this list.

Oh my stars! For pumpkin carvers, this constellation pumpkin idea via Fine and Feathered is simple and stunning.

Once your jack-o-lanterns have had their BIG night a-glow on All Hallow’s Eve, consider turing your pumpkin into a bird feeder. The birds will appreciate your generosity as they fly south or prepare to bunker down for the winter months.

Make a friendly ghost appear before your very eyes for fun flashlight play in the dark via This Picture Book Life.

Bubble, bubble, toil, and trouble! Make spells and potions with these pretend potion play ideas for littles here and here.

Fall down the rabbit hole… Err… Troll hole (?) visiting the Spooky Science spotlight on Science Friday. I especially enjoyed this clip about the science behind why certain songs scare us complete with creepy music playlist.

I leave you at the door with this nice, old witchy and her gargantuan fungi. Because this is who I aspire to be when I’m 90:

Halloween Greeting Witch

Happy Halloween!

(witch image source)


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  1. well this is a whole list of DELIGHTFUL. Love it ALL. Esp that little old witch lady! I want to be her too! Love all the vintage cards!

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