Thingy Things Get a Makeover

Thingy Things

Thingy Things

by Chris Raschka

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Published: Abrams Appleseed (April 8, 2014)

Recommended Reading Age: 2-6

You may recall a post I wrote last year about the Thingy Things series, by Chris Raschka. Ever since stumbling upon these books, I’ve been hoping and wishing a publisher would find the value in them, dust them off, and republish them. Well, that day is finally here! Abrams Appleseed bought the rights to the Thingy Things series, gave them a facelift, and are also unveiling a few of the books that were never published (more on that here). Four of the books in the series, Lamby Lamb, Crabby Crab, Whaley, Whale, and Cowy Cow will be available April 8, and four more later this fall. Yippee!

Cowy Cow

Cowy Cow

Crabby Crab

Lamby Lamb

Whaley Whale

Whaley Whale

Cowy Cow is my favorite of the bunch. Or Crabby Crab. Okay, it’s a tie between Cowy Cow and Crabby Crab.

Wish we didn’t have to wait a whole spring and summer for the next batch to be released!


Source of books reviewed: The good people over at Abrams Appleseed! Thank you!



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