Thowback Thursday: Thingy Things

Thingy Things

by Chris Raschka

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Published: Hyperion Books for Children (2000)

Came across these little gems a few weeks back while at work.  Over a decade ago, Caldecott Award winning illustrator, Chris Raschka created this delightful series of books for beginning readers, the Thingy Things. They’re bizarre and hysterical and genius. Think Bob Books meets Mo Willems’ Cat the Cat, each Thingy Things book is themed around an animal character and uses amusing word repetition and simple sounds for the reader to exercise. You’ll also find enough silliness to conjure more than a few giggles.  There’s Wormy Worm, who wiggles and woggles and you can’t tell which end is his front and which is his back. Whaley Whale, who for some reason is in a living room and not in an ocean, plays a goofy game of hide and seek. And then there’s Moosey Moose who is mad, mad, mad and wants nothing but his pants which later end up on his head. You can probably go ahead and skip Snaily Snail, who loves his shell, the hands-down the weakest link of the Thingy Things books. But the rest of the series’ characters on spot-on comical.

One of the things I find most attractive about Chris Raschka’s work time and again is that he truly has an illustration style all to his own. His pictures are so whimsical and lighthearted they could practically float off the page, even in the smallest of books. I snapped a few pictures of a few titles from the Thingy Things lot, so you, too, could enjoy their folly and fun. (Sluggy Slug is my favorite of the bunch.)

It’s a shame Thingy Things are no longer in print because L and I have been having the best of time reading them. She’s also taken to frequently reading them on her own as the narrative and rhythm is elementary enough for a toddler to memorize. Perhaps one day in the not too distant future Chris Raschka will create more easy reader books. One can only hope. The Thingy Things books are a hoot!

I found them at: My local library and surrounding area libraries via interlibrary loan.


5 Responses to “Thowback Thursday: Thingy Things”

  1. Brandy says:

    How sad these aren’t print anymore. They look adorable and like something my 4yo would love and my library system doesn’t have them. :(

    • Rebecca says:

      You might be able to request an interlibrary loan through your library? Ask one of your librarians about it and they might be able to find copies in one of your library’s surrounding cities and have the books sent to your library for you to check out. This link allows you to check to see if a title is available at a library in your area. So, if another library has a Thingy Things book that isn’t too far away, it’s more likely than not that it can be sent to you free of charge. Some libraries charge, some don’t. Depends on how far the books have to travel. I interlibrary loan books all the time and never had to pay a penny.


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