News: The Big Kind

Well, I don’t know how to start this…. So out with it.

This year I am one of the selected members for Library Journal’s 2013 Movers & Shakers (toss glitter confetti). LJ’s Movers & Shakers are a chosen group of outstanding professionals committed to providing excellent service to meet the needs of the people they serve. It’s an honor to be among such incredibly talented library-types changing the library world as we know it.

You can read the online edition of the article HERE and check out my personal mention HERE.

A special thanks to all my coworkers at the Lawrence Public Library. Brad Allen, our innovative library director and rock star boss man, and Susan Brown, networking and marketing goddess; thank you for both always welcoming and encouraging new ideas. For your big picture visions and big library hearts.  To the wonderful, incredible women I have the privilege to work with in the Youth Services department, most of which have been working in library’s since I was in elementary school. It is their passion for childhood literacy and libraries that fuels my own passion day-in and day-out. I am proud to have you as my mentors and friends.

To my former co-worker, Rachel Smalter Hall. You are the bomb diggity. I love what you do and find you a exemplary role model librarian. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to spread my wings.

To Erinn Batykefer and the Library as Incubator Project team, I love working with you and being a part of your library-loving-art-tastic mission.

To my readers here on Sturdy for Common Things and my fellow library and book bloggers. You are a constant source of inspiration for what I do and am so grateful to have you as readers and as friends (cyber hug).

And last, but certainly not least, my friends and family. To L, the light of my life, and to Will, my rock, my loving husband who puts up with glitter and stacks of books all over the house and who tends to get suckered into helping me prep storytime crafts, but has never, not once, complained. Quite the opposite. You have given me courage and confidence every step of the way.

To me, all these people are movers and shakers and also recipients of this acknowledgement.

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  1. Danzel says:


  2. What wonderful news. A huge pat on the back and congratulations! This kind of recognition not only will warm your heart but stoke the inspiration for more great things you will undertake in years to come. Enjoy!

  3. Belinda says:


    (and thanks for emailing me the Flip Flap Jack song!)

    I have ordered a copy of Inside Outside–it should come any day now.

  4. *tosses glitter confetti* Congratulations! I found you just a few days ago through Librarian Wardrobe, and somehow I didn’t recognize you from the article. It sounds like a fantastic program you put in place. Any advice for establishing positive relationships with schools?

    – Jen @ librarian tells all

    • Rebecca says:

      Thank you, Jen! Great question!! Teachers and school librarians have extremely full plates. If you can make their lives any easier, they will love you for it. I think it’s also very important to make yourself accessible. Here are a few ideas for you:

      1. Invite the school librarians over to the public library for a seasonal *Here’s What’s New* book talk. Talk briefly about 20 or so new children’s/YA books you and your staff are excited about and might benefit their curriculum. Take time to plug a few of your upcoming programs that their students might be interested in attending. And be sure to have handouts of the books discussed. Cookies and coffee never hurt. If you have the budget for a lunch or brunch, even better.

      2. Create a seasonal newsletter for the school librarians. Continual contact is important. The newsletter doesn’t have to be long. A nice note about what the library is up to, a few news/book review links they might enjoy, new online resources the library provides, upcoming events, a list of books the youth services staff are currently reading, etc.

      3. Go to them! Offer to visit the schools before the summer and talk up the summer reading program to the kids. Summer is a time when teachers and school librarians can lean on the public library to help encourage their students to continue reading over the summer and help prevent the summer slide. Our library does this every May.

      Hope these tips are helpful. Feel free to email me anytime if you need more!

  5. Sarah A says:

    Congratulations Becca! What a great accomplishment. Many wishes for your continued success :)


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