Fall Storytime

Fall is here! A week ago for Sunday’s library storytime we celebrated Fall’s arrival with Fall Storytime. We read books about fall and had a blast crafting little Fall Friends from toilet paper tubes and leaves. Children’s author L.M. Montgomary said it best, “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” Tis my favorite time of year!

Fall Storytime Line-up:

Fall Leaves Fall! by Zoe Hall, illustrated by Shari Halpern

A very basic and fun intro to the season of fall and the fun it has in store.

Sneeze, Big Bear, Sneeze! by Maureen Wright, illustrated by Will Hillenbrand

Bear thinks his sneezing is the reason the leaves fall from the trees and many other fall happenings. Wind teaches him who’s really behind it all.

Johnny Mable-Leaf by Alvin Tresselt

Our library has a wonderful, old flannel board that goes to the classic tale of Johnny Maple-Leaf. I abbreviated the story when I told it with a flannel since it’s on the long side and it turned our really well. Here’s an even more abbreviated telling of the story…

The story starts in spring with Johnny Maple-Leaf (bright green leaf) who has bloomed to find lots of other leaves on the trees growing around him, flowers on the ground, and animals around. He decides that this is the best place in the world for him to be.

It goes on into summertime and what going on in and around the tree during the summer and decides that is the best place in the whole world for him to be.

And then the story transitions to autumn and Johnny Maple-Leaf turns bright red and the leaves around him are also turning different colors. He also observes what animals are around, what they’re doing, and the changes in weather.

At the very end, Johnny Mable-Leaf is the last leaf on the tree and when he finally lets go and falls to the ground. He learns that it’s warm there with the other fallen leaves around him, the snow starts to gently fall and he declares that this is the best place in the world for him to be and goes to sleep.

Such a sweet story, right?

Mystery Vine by Cathryn Falwell

It’s not fall without the mention of pumpkins. I used this story last year for Pumpkin Storytime and couldn’t resist using it again this year. I also used a prop made by a co-worker using this guide.

Each time the book mentions the mystery vine, you pull the “vine” from the pot,  prompting it to grow…

…and grow

…until the mystery vine reveals it’s pumpkins! It’s a fun surprise every time!

Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert

Last but not least, I read the ever popular Leaf Man. A fall favorite.

Fall Friends Craft:

For the post-storytime craft we made Fall Friends which were completely inspired by this this craft featured on Make and Takes.

Materials needed: leaves, toilet paper tubes, colored paper, scissors, tape, glue, buttons, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, exacto knife (optional).

To start, I cut autumn colored paper the size of the toilet paper tubes and wrapped tubes in them securing the paper with tape. This was all done pre-storytime.

I collected all different types of leaves in different colors which was fun to match to the colored tubes.

Once you’ve found a leaf and you like, glue it to the top of the tube. It helps if you hold it there for 3 hippopotamuses.

After the leaf is secure decorate!

Another thing I did Pre-strotyime was I punched small holes where the arms would go into all the TP tubes using an exacto knife.

Puncturing small holes before storytime made it easy for the kids to add arms.  All they had to do is bend the arm on the end and slide it into the hole.

And that’s it!

This was a smaller storytime than usual, so most of the kids were able to make a couple Fall Friends to take home with them.

They also mad for fun finger puppets.

But look the best when you have a variety! Friendly little fall dudes always enjoy the company of others!

For other Fall Storytime theme ideas, be sure to check out last year’s Squirrel Storytime, Apple Pie Storytime, Falling Leaves Storytime, & Pumpkin Storytime!


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  1. What a terrific, creative blog! Love the leaf people!
    Very happy to see my book, “Mystery Vine” here! I have had two wonderful visits to the Lawrence Library–hope to meet you next time I’m there! Happy Reading!


    • Rebecca says:

      Thank you Cathryn Falwell! I’ve heard so many wonderful things about you and hope you visit us very soon!! We enjoy reading all your books at Lawrence Public Library! :)


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