Sunday Greetings

Hello dear friends! How was everyone’s holiday weekend? We stayed in town and had a casual Christmas at home with family and puzzles and jammies and candles and slow, slow days. This year, all decorations on our Christmas tree were a homemade smorgasbord of paper snowflakes, pinecone weavings, and such that accumulated throughout the past […]




Sunday Dance

When was the last time you swung your partner round and round? I learned how to square dance in 4th grade and that was probably the last time I did any dosey doe-ing on my own accord. Earlier this week we attended an all-ages folk dancing introduction put on by the good people at Lawrence […]



Sunday Foliage

Oh, hey Sunday! Before we get into the week, how is everyone’s weekend? On Friday, we ventured to Clinton Lake, a 15 minute drive from our house. Not a cloud in that wide blue sky, myself and two mom friends and seven kids for a picnic, hike, and playtime on the shore. The sumac was […]



Sunday Moonbeams

Happy Sunday! This picture is of a “fairy path” the kids created one evening last week just before the sun slipped away. Last week I had the best intentions of going to bed early. Every evening I made a silent declaration that tonight was THE NIGHT. It was happening.  Instead, books piled high on my […]



Sunday Transformation

Lookie who decided to join us. I was writing in the back room while the baby napped and heard a scratching sound over my shoulder. Thinking it was one of the cats up to no good, I went out into the kitchen only to find no sign of shenanigans. I sat back down and started […]



Sunday Promise

Hello and Happy Sunday! Waking up on Sunday mornings have always been a happy place for me. The start to a whole new week and all that lies ahead. Sometimes when I wake up, the week’s agenda waits outside my Sunday Morning like a customer eagerly waiting for a shop to open for business. She […]



Sunday Morning

Hey. We made it! Was it just me or was last week a tornado? A can’t-catch-my-breath-remember-my-name-the-day-month-or-year-sort-of-week? So happy for this new week starting with this new, blue Sunday morning. If you follow me in twitterland, you might be familiar with these natural arrangements I create ever so often from found or foraged remnants of a […]



Last Sigh of Summer

Summer always seems to come and go faster than all other seasons. The past few summers we either moved down the block or to another state and back, so it’s been a fleeting, transitional season. But let me tell you… It feels so good to be home. All the boxes have been unpacked and we’re finally […]