Nature Orbs

The days are getting colder and our time outside is less and less. Using items foraged from outside and from our home nature center, we’ve brought some of the outdoors inside to keep us inspired during the winter months. I stumbled upon this idea of making feather ornaments, and thought it would be great for […]




Nature Center Snowflake Study

In December, right before the Winter Solstice, I winterized the library Nature Center with one of nature’s exquisite cold weather wonders: Snowflakes. Learning about snowflakes, or snow crystals, is a terrific exploration of science, math, and art. It also doesn’t hurt that the craze for the movie Frozen has sparked even more curiosity into these teeny […]



Nature Discovery Bottles

Back in September, I introduced the Nature Center discovery stations at both my library and home that I’ve been supplying with treasures found from outside to invoke a curiosity for the great outdoors. There has been interest regarding what has been on display since, so I’m writing up a couple posts outlining a few of the […]



Provocation to Connect With Nature in the Library

Finally! A teeny amount of free time to blog! Over the past several weeks I’ve been working on setting up provocation stations in the library, so the next several posts will be devoted to the creation of these exhibits. The goal of the provocations, which will be modified seasonally or monthly like the new post office, […]