Wild Things in April

Tadpole hunt




old path:new path


false rue anemone


spring beauty


trout lily


wildflowers in april


first snail sighting


more tadpoles


april showers


Wandering woods


garden friend


House finch nest


Images from top to bottom:
1. Tadepole hunt
2. Big ol’ tadpole
3. Old path/New path
4. False rue anemone
5. Spring beauty
6. yer majesty, Queen Trout lily
7. Wildflower sketches
8. First snail sighting
9. More tadpoles
10. April Showers
11. Wandering in the woods
12. Garden friend
13. House finch nest

Spring came early this year. Water spots are filled with tadpoles. The wildflowers in the woods have come and gone. The prairies are pregnant with new wild blooms waiting to burst.

A pair of House finches have taken residence on our porch. The other morning I checked on their nest and found this– Five perfect palest, pale blue eggs. I’m not sure why at first I was surprised by this. Birds lay eggs. That’s what birds do in nests they build. But it seems personal, sacred almost. I named the parents Lord and Lady Carmine (I’m embarrassed to say I’m going through a historical romance novel phase.) We have a basket stocked with nest materials for the birds that sits on the porch near bird seed, and I see our Lady Carmine made use of many of those items to make her nest- Dried plants and roots, broom pieces, hair, and jewelry box fluff. I wonder how many other nests near our home have materials from our basket? The best part of hosting our porch guests is listening to Lord Carmine sing to Lady Carmine each morning while she warms her clutch. They’ll be hatchings any day now. So much anticipation comes with this season. I felt the same feeling when I peered into our garden bed today and found the smallest sprout pushing past the damp soil. Once again, I know this is what happens when a seed has water and sunlight, yet it continues to be exciting and extraordinary.

Dawn from Mud Puddles and Meteors started posting gratitudes on her Instagram feed and I would like to follow suit on these monthly recaps. There was much to be thankful for this past month.

Feeling the dirt between my toes
Squirmy tadpoles
Soft rain
Lady Carmine’s nest
Lord Carmine’s song
New beginnings

Yesterdays as amateur naturalists. For new adventures follow along on Instagram. What are you looking forward to in May? For me, it’s the first bite into a sun-warmed strawberry straight from the farmer’s field.



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  1. molly says:

    Don’t be embarrassed about a historical romance phase!

    Love the pictures.

    • Rebecca says:

      I know I shouldn’t be, but I can’t help feeling naughty when checking them out at the library!

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