Sunday Moonbeams

Sunday Moonbeams

Happy Sunday!

This picture is of a “fairy path” the kids created one evening last week just before the sun slipped away.

Last week I had the best intentions of going to bed early. Every evening I made a silent declaration that tonight was THE NIGHT. It was happening.  Instead, books piled high on my nightstand, another glass of red wine with a new friend, writer’s block, and I fell through the infamous internet rabbit hole. Allowing these happy distractions resulted in blurry eyed mornings, but nothing a cup of coffee couldn’t fix. Ah, well… Maybe this week.

Or not.

At least not tonight.

Forecasted for tonight, the Harvest Moon is going to put on quite a show.  It is a super moon, blood moon, and there will also be a total lunar eclipse. It’s going to a spectacular sight! Here’s more information on how to see the rare super blood moon total eclipse.

Today is also the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival, also know as the Harvest Moon Festival, a special holiday gathering with friends and family, giving thanks, and celebrating the harvest season in China and surrounding areas. To celebrate, have a moon picnic outside, make lanterns (like these) and turn out the lights, read a story about the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival (we enjoy this book), or make a wish on the moon. Another way to celebrate is eat round foods for dinnertime like pot pie, pizza, or a bowl of soup. If you have an Asian grocery store near you, pick up some mooncakes for a sweet treat. One of my former storytime families were from China and brought me mooncakes to the library one year and they were delicious! The mother of the family mentioned that what she enjoys most about Mid-Autumn Moon Festival is that when you look up at the moon, you think of loved ones far away, and it is comforting to know they are looking up at the same moon that evening thinking of you. If and when you look up tonight, look up and think of someone(s) you love. Who knows… They might be looking up at that very moment thinking of you.

Also, be sure to check out these Harvest Moon books and simple moon activities for kids.

I hope you’re able to take a moment to soak in some moonbeams tonight! Have a great week!

Listening to: Neil Young “Harvest Moon”  and Bill Evans “Moon Beams” 




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