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post office station at library

Ever since I read this post by Anne Clark from So Tomorrow about the writing center in her library (so smart) AND watching my own child create notes and letters at a provocation station in preschool, I’ve been itching to try this out…

A Post Office! In the library! For kids!

The Post Office is a new activity station I set up in the library last Saturday. After setting out this mailbox and hanging up a few encouraging prompts, it was immediately a busy place for kids to play and create.

Here’s what kids can do at this station:

  • Respond to the question of the month. This month’s question is: “What’s your favorite color?” The responses will be hung up on the wall for all to see.
  • Send a post card to the children at another branch. That branch will also have this activity station and be able the draw a picture/send a message to the kids at my library. These will be exchanged and also be displayed.
  • Or, you can write a note for someone you know that will make them smile and give it to them in person.

The goal of this experience is to promote and encourage writing, teach the concept of correspondence, self esteem (being proud of their response on the wall), and a little history to boot.

writing center post office for kids

Since the Chattanooga Public Library has an incredible Local History Department, I created a small side display of historical post offices of Chattanooga. I  printed out images available to the public through the digital archives browsable through the library’s online catalog. Not only is this a fun little learning experience for kids and their caregivers to see these historic institutions, but it’s also a nice cross promotion of another department’s services.

hisotrical post offices of chattanooga

And how cool is it that the Joel W. Solomon Federal Building, which was created by the same firm that designed the Empire State Building AND a local architect, Ruben Harrison Hunt, can be seen from the library’s Kids Room’s windows?

Connecting kids to their city’s history and their neighborhood. Connecting kids to each other.




7 Responses to “Speedy Delivery! Post Office in the Library”

  1. Molly Wetta says:

    This is so fun. I think we should start sending letters back and forth between Lawrence and Chattanooga!

  2. Will Dunn says:

    Agree, Molly! What fun that would be!

  3. Oh my word I love this idea so much! I’m immediately thinking of how cool this could be for making connections within the school (kid-to-kid in different grades, etc.) as well as school-to-school and school-to-public library! Thanks for sharing!

    • Rebecca says:

      oooh! I like the idea of the grade-to-grade, school-to-school, or school library-to-public library connections. ALL THE IDEAS!!! :)

  4. Kelly says:

    I LOVE this, and really just all-the-things on this blog! You are kinda my librarian superhero! :)


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