Food Fun Storytime

This week’s storytime was all about food. Reading about food, singing about food, and even painting with food. It was a dreary rainy day, so there were lots and lots of kids looking to have some indoor fun and that’s just what we had.

Food Fun Storytime Line-up:

Pete’s a Pizza by William Steig

Since it was raining outside, this was a great read as it also starts on a rainy day. Pete was planning on playing ball with his friends, but the rain spoiled that plan. In an effort to cheer Pete up, his father decides to make him into a pizza. Lots of giggles were heard while reading this story. We even had a little activity that brought about more laughs after the story was over…

Make Your Own Kid Pizza

Browsing Pinterest, I stumbled upon this activity idea for Pete’s a Pizza via Tunstall’s Teaching Tidbits that I modified for library storytime. After reading Pete’s a Pizza, I asked the crowd if they thought we should make our own pizza. They all cheered, so I asked who would want to be my pizza and invited a storytime audience member up to the front and asked them to lay down. I sat beside them and sprinkled some oil (which was really a used wet wipes container), and then sprinkled some flour (which was really an old tin), and then asked the audience what else I should add. Mostly cheese and pepperoni were shouted back, so I added cheese (cut up felt pieces), and pepperoni slices (also felt). I vocalized each step as I went along and when I was finished, and after many giggles, for the crowd and my pizza volunteer, I asked the crowd if we should put the pizza in the oven. “Yes, yes, yes!” they replied. So I sent the pizza back to their spot, toasty warm with the other children to listen to more stories. I quickly picked up the felt pieces and started the next story.

Lunch by Denise Fleming

One hungry little mouse snacks his way through many different colorful fruits and vegetables during lunch. While I read this book, I cued the audience to guess what fruit or vegetable the mouse was eating on the next page.

Chew, Chew, Gulp! by Lauren Thompson, illustrated by Jarrett J. Krosoczka

A simple book about how to eat different types of food. There’s a picture in the book that I went back to after the story was over. I held it up and asked the storytime kids if they could guess what the children in the book were eating (pancakes). I used as a segway into the next story.

“Flip-Flap Jack” Song & Flannel Board

“Flip-Flap Jack” is a song from Ready-To-Go Storytimes by Gail Benton and Trisha Waichulaitis. My library has  a “Flip-Flap Jack” flannel in our storytime collection, so I decided to give it a go for this storytime and I am so glad I did. The kids really enjoyed it. It’s a silly song about Flip-Flap Jack, a man made of breakfast food, and as you sing the song you add the parts of his body.  The song goes like this:

“There was a man made of food. Made of food? Made of food!
There was a man made of food. His name was Flip-Flap Jack.
And he danced upon a table, a table, a table. He danced upon a table. His name was Flip-Flap Jack.
His head was made of a pancake. A pancake? A pancake! His head was made of a pancake. his name was Flip-Flap jack.”

Additional verses:

His hair was made of whipped cream
His eyes were two blueberries.
His nose was a strawberry.
His mouth was a sausage.
His ears were made of oranges.
His body was a golden waffle.
His arms were two bananas.
His legs were strips of bacon.
His feet were made of french toast.
His belly button was a raspberry.

Little Pea by Amy Krouse Rosenthal, illustrated by Jen Corace

Little pea likes doing lots of things, but one thing he does not like is when he has to eat his candy; what all little peas have to eat to grow-up big and strong. A fun spin on eating the bare essentials to get to the best part– dessert!

The Doorbell Rang by Pat Hutchins

Speaking of desert, I ended storytime with the Pat Hutchins’ classic, The Doorbell Rang. A story that’s not only about sharing cookies, but incorporates simple elements of math. I rang a small bell each time “the doorbell rang,” which I think the kids really liked.

Food Stamping Craft:

Who says you can’t play with your food? For our post-storytime craft we used sliced fruits and vegetables to stamp and paint pictures. The inspiration behind this craft came Create with Maisy, a new toddler craft book by Lucy Cousins. Materials used included: washable paint, construction paper, apples, celery, artichokes, oranges, and asparagus.

A couple hours before storytime, I sliced the fruits and vegetables. I did this quite a bit ahead a time so the fruits would dry out a bit. I left the asparagus intact. Right before storytime I set out small paper plates with a kiwi-size drop of paint.

Once the stories were finished the kids used the sliced fruits and vegetables as stamps. They also used the asparagus as paint brushes. I showed them my picture and my daughter’s picture (below) so they could see examples of figurative and abstract paintings.

Since it was such a murky weekend, I used the shapes to make a colorful bouquet of flowers. Also, I set up a little ‘clean up’ station which included baby wipes and paper towels next to a trash can. I also allowed kids to leave their pictures to dry if they planned to stay and look at books.

My picture example.

L’s picture.

I thought she did a wonderful job with her stamping if I do say so myself.

And here are a few masterpieces from the storytime kids….


8 Responses to “Food Fun Storytime”

  1. Belinda says:

    Flip Flap Jack is pretty adorable! I think I’ll have to give him a try–food is a storyime theme that I enjoy. There are so many good books about food and eating.

    • Rebecca says:

      This was my first time doing a food storytime and you’re right— There are SO MANY good books to choose from! Let me know if you’d like the full “Flip-Flap Jack” song and I’ll email you.

  2. Belinda says:

    I assumed you have my email address because I’ve responded here–is that correct?

  3. Belinda says:

    Thanks, don’t need to rush!


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