Stuffed Animal Storytime & Sleepover

This week, I decided to mix things up a bit with storytime. I’ve seen so many wonderful stuffed animal sleepover programs done at other libraries that I thought it was high time to host one at my library. Why not? So, this week’s storytime theme was “Stuffed Animal Storytime & Sleepover”. At last week’s storytime (and on the library’s website, Facebook, and Twitter accounts) I alerted the parents/caregivers about the twist on our regular storytime to make sure their child brought a stuffed animal with them. It drew quite the crowd, and almost every single child brought a stuffed friend.

The children sat with their stuffed animals and listened to stories about sleepovers and bedtime, they made a  Sleepy Star Mobile craft together, and then when it was time to go, made a tag with their name and their stuffed animal’s name and left them in my care for a library sleepover. (Disclaimer: I made sure there was no pressure for the children to leave there animals. Most did and some didn’t and all was just as well.) While the stuffed animals were “on their sleepover” my fellow children’s room co-worker Jenny and I snapped pictures of their adventures and antics. And you’re not going to believe the video the animals created during the middle of the night! Be sure to check it out when you scroll down below. For those children who did choose to let their stuffed animal sleepover,  they will receive a photo souvenir of their critter when they pick up their stuffed animal.  The stuffed animals had the best of time and I’m not gonna lie… We had a whole lot of fun as well.

Stuffed Animal Storytime Line-Up:

Maisy Goes on a Sleepover by Lucy Cousins

Maisy has never been on a sleepover before, so when Tallulah invites her to her first one Maisy is nervous and excited to attend. It doesn’t get better than Maisy Mouse when you want a strong preschool-age story.

Let’s Sing a Lullaby with the Brave Cowboy by Jan Thomas

Last November, this was our go-to bedtime story at home. This theme was the perfect time to break it in for library storytime. Cowboy is ready to sing his cows to sleep, but his lullaby keeps getting interrupted. Out of all the books read, this was the clear favorite of the bunch.

Stuffed Animals Get Ready for Bed by Alison Inches

A perfect tie-in to the theme; a little girl tames her wild stuffed animals in a sing-song rhyme that helps them get ready for bed.

Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late! by Mo Willems

Hold up a Pigeon book and you’ve got every single child’s attention. He’s a storytime crowd-pleaser. Kids love pigeon. Adults love pigeon. We ended this bedtime storytime with the best of the best.

Sleepy Star Mobile:

For the post-storytime craft, the kids made Sleepy Star Mobiles.  I found this craft on Cinjoella and the only thing I did differently is tweak the name. It’s extremely simple and looks great once complete. Here’s how the kids put theirs together…

Materials used: AccuCut, cardstock, scissors, gift ribbon, and tape.

Using our library’s Accucut, I cranked out a bunch of spiral cuts and stars out of colored cardstock.

I also printed out a few smaller star shapes and cut them out using scissors.

I cut a foot of ribbon, tied a knot in one end, and threaded it through the middle of the spiral. I did this beforehand for all the spirals. I also cut out dozens and dozens of 3-inch strips of ribbon.

After storytime, the kids made sure their spiral was upside-down (knot of the center ribbon facing up) and taped the stars to the spiral using ribbon and tape.

They continued to tape as many stars to their spiral as they saw fit.

Flip over and there you have it. A dreamy mobile.

The Sleepover:


The library storytime kids are all kinds of awesome, so naturally their stuffed animals would be just as awesome. Before leaving them with me after storytime the kids made name tags for their animals (one side with the animal’s name and their name on the other side). The kids kissed and hugged their friend’s goodbye, told them to behave, and were on their way. Since then, these stuffed animals had all the fun on their library sleepover. Jenny and I snapped pictures documenting their activities.

The animals got into the board games and played an intense round of Monopoly.

Fishing at the old library watering hole.

Everybody conga!

Miss Linda read the animals Goodnight Moon before it was time to go to bed.

But the animals were just too excited to sleep. Check out all the mischief they got into last night on the library’s Facebook page. In fact, it got so wild they made their own video inspired by the KU Basketball team’s Harlem Shake. This you’ve got to see…

Can you believe those animals? Out of control. I blame the fact that they consumed too much junk food last night.

Here’s a little behind the scenes Vine I made…

We’re working on a slideshow today/tomorrow and I will post it here when it’s up. The sleepover was a huge success and so much fun to put together. Looking forward to future stuffed animal storytimes in the library, but for now I’m ready for a nap. Those stuffed animals were up til’ dawn!

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8 Responses to “Stuffed Animal Storytime & Sleepover”

  1. Danzel says:

    Omigoodness, everything about this is just darling. I love the mobile, and the sleepover idea is so sweet!

    • Rebecca says:

      Thank you, Danzel! It was so, so, so much FUN! The best part by far was the reactions from the kids. Big grins all around :)

  2. Jenna says:

    Oh my goodness. This is just fantastic.

    I think we need to have a stuffed animal sleepover here!

  3. Ellen says:

    Was looking for a Sunday school craft with stars – but am also stealing this whole idea. You are so awesomely clever!


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