Reading Together

***Reading Together is a sampling of picture books I’m currently reading aloud to L, my toddler daughter. Since I work in the children’s room of a public library, I’m always bringing home stacks and stacks of books to share together. Old and new. These are our favorites.  Some of which have been read over and over and over again…. Times thirty. To the tenth power.***

Since December’s Reading Together was a holiday themed list, this list is actually a compilation list from the past two months. Like whoa. There are a quite a few new titles released just this last year that we’ve continued reading into the new year, as well as some oldies sprinkled in the mix. Since reading Mrs. Noodlekugel aloud to her, I’ve been experimenting with reading early chapter books to her and she is enjoying it immensely.

Now for our January list!

This Moose Belongs to Me by Oliver Jeffers

At the moment, L is obsessed with moose. She wakes at dawn “Moook”ing all over the house (because naturally that’s the noise a moose makes). And since Santa keeps tabs on these sorts of things, he made sure to bring her Oliver Jeffer’s latest book, This Moose Belongs to Me, a story about a boy who happens to find, and claim, a moose as his own.

Hello! Hello! by Matthew Cordell

Sometimes we just need to shut down. To go outside. To feel alive. One little girl powers down and goes out into the great outdoors and is left to her own imagination. A timely book for this technology obsessed day and age, and the illustrations are darling!

One Cool Friend by Toni Buzzeo, illustrated by David Small

A very proper (tux and all!) boy visits the aquarium with his father and feels compelled to take a penguin home with him. A humorous story kids of all-ages will surely enjoy.

Good News, Bad News by Jeff Mack

Optimistic Bunny and pessimistic Mouse set off to enjoy a picnic where a hilarious back and forth between the two. Their picnic soon goes from bad to worse…

Bear Has a Story to Tell by Phillip C. Stead, illustrated by Erin E. Stead

I adore this book, and L seems to love it just as much even though it is a little longer than her average book. Bear has a story to tell, but it seems his animal friends are too busy preparing for wintert to listen.

A Home For Bird by Philip C. Stead

Another new book by Phillip C. Stead that we just can’t get enough of.  The bird from a cuckoo-clock pops off a truck in transit, is found by a curious frog, befriended, and taken on a wild adventure in search of it’s home.

The Gingerbread Man illustrated by Barbara McClintock

Last year’s Gingerbread Storytime left quite the impression on L. She can’t get enough of the classic English folktale, The Gingerbread Man/Boy. Her favorite version is the above illustrated by Barbara McClintock

Snow is my Favorite and my Best by Lauren Child

Since it snowed in Kansas, snow has been the hot topic with L. So, this Charlie and Lola books has been quite the hit.

Goldilocks and Just One Bear by Leigh Hodgkinson

A favorite fairy tale gets a fractured makeover told from adult Baby Bear’s perspective. Baby Bear is now all grown up and one day stumbles upon a big city. His curiosity takes the best of him (in true Goldilocks fashion) as he makes himself at home in a highrise apartment.

Animals and Their Families by Barbara Nascimbeni

A creative and and fun spin on your typical baby animal book. Animals and Their Families features various illustrations of baby animals with their mothers and fathers, but also includes a guide of what the animal family eats, what sound they make, and where they live.

Now I am Big by Stephen Krensky, illustrated by Sara Gillingham

A board book that highlights a little boys achievements as a toddler now that he isn’t a baby any longer. L can’t get enough of this book!

Good Night, Little Bear by Patricia Scarry, illustrated by Richard Scarry

This was a Christmas present from one of L’s grandparents. A forgotten favorite from my own childhood about a friendly bedtime game between father and son.

The Brave Cowboy by Joan Walsh Anglund

A sweet story about a cowboy and his wild west of an imagination. Black and white illustrations with imaginary characters outlined in vivid red, giving the reader a glimpse at what the brave cowboy sees. We also highly recommend Cowboy and His Friend, Cowboy’s Secret Life, and The Cowboy’s Christmas.

Rosie’s Walk by Pat Hutchins

Pat Hutchins! He’s the best! We’ve slowly been checking out his books over the last year. In this one, oblivious Rosie the hen takes a stroll. Unbeknownst to her, she is followed by a hungry fox that never seems to catch her.

The Tiptoe Guide to Tracking Fairies by Ammi-Joan Paquette, illustrated by Christa Uzner

Vivid photographs paired with fairy illustrations, and text that offers tips on how to find fairies in your very own backyard. We are looking forward to the near future when our interlibrary loan request for The Tiptoe Guide to Tracking Mermaids arrives!

Little Tug by Stephen Savage

Stephen Savage’s Where’s Walrus is still very much a big hit with L, so when the time came to bring Little Tug hom there was much excitement. Little Tug helps out many of the bigger boats in the bay, and when Little Tug gets sleepy those boats are sure to take care of him.

Noni the Poni by Alison Lester

Noni is a funny little pony who lives in Waratah Bay. Her best friends are a cat and a dog, and we could read this book all day long! (And we have. Every day. For 8 weeks.)

The Perfect Dress by Melissa Lagonegro, Elisa Marrucchi

L has been bitten by the princess bug. Among all the Disney Princesses books we’ve checked out, this one has continued to be her preferred choice.

Peter Pan: Lost and Found by Susan Hill, illustrated by Michael Hague, inspired by J.M Barrie’s Peter Pan

I can’t wait for the day I can read  J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan aloud to L, but until then there are these wonderful early reader books that hint at the Neverland we know and love.

Sleep Like a Tiger by Mary Logue, illustrated by Pamela Zagarenski

Okay… Full disclosure. This is not one of L’s picks. We read it every so often, but I enjoy it too much to not add it to the list. The whimsical illustration and soft, almost musical, bedtime story is a must-read in my book.

Mercy Watson to the Rescue by Kate DiCamillo, illustrated by Chris Van Dusen

Like I mentioned in the beginning of this post, we’ve started giving short chapter books a go recently- and with great success. Currently on L’s nightstand is the Mercy Watson series. Chapter by chapter or two, we finished Mercy Watson to the Rescue last night, and will start Mercy Watson Goes for a Ride tonight.

What are you reading together? Please share in the comments below!!


6 Responses to “Reading Together”

  1. Brandy says:

    I love all these books so much.

    My 4yo is currently obsessed with The Three Ninja Pigs, The Snowy Day, Blackout, and Jonathan and the Big Blue Boat so we have been reading those a lot. As well as his usual Elephant and Piggie favorites. I need to try the Mercy Watson books with him, I haven’t yet.

    I’m reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix to my 8yo. Her first “reads” of all of these have been via read aloud and I love watching her respond to them.

    • Rebecca says:

      You’re 4yo has some AWESOME books on his reading queue. Jonathan and the Big Blue Boat is adorable and we are big fans of Elephant and Piggie as well. I can’t wait for the day to read Harry Potter aloud to L. Talk about a story that never grows old! Thanks for sharing, Brandy!!

  2. Danzel B. says:

    Whoa! We read The Tiptoe Guide to Fairies this week! And some Charlie & Lola, too. I’m on the library waiting list for This Moose Belongs to Me. Sleep Like a Tiger looks beautiful. We’re working our way through several “big kid” classics, and our library bag is bursting. I think I got Bear Has a Story to Tell, in fact. (We only went yesterday.) I also grabbed some Anatole the mouse books we hadn’t read yet.

    • Rebecca says:

      Danzel– I know you’re just going to LOVE Bear Has a Story to Tell. It was one of my favorite picture books of 2012. I haven’t read some Anatole for quite some time and think I may just have to check out a few for us to read in the very near future. Thank you so much for sharing your current booklist. I always love to hear what my cyber friends are reading :)

  3. These are lovely looking books! Sleep Like A Tiger, awesome! And the fairies! so much fab here :)

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