Cold Snap

Cold Snap

By Eileen Spinelli, Illustrated by Marjorie Priceman

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Published: Knopf Books for Young Readers, an imprint of Random House Kids (October 9, 2012)

Recommended age level: 4 & up

In a nutshell: Ever since I read Cold Snap for the first time a month ago, I decided it would be the perfect way to kick-off the winter solstice. So, here we are… Officially on day one of winter and the windowpanes are frosted, snow is on the ground (at least here in Kansas), and I have a warm mug of coffee next to my laptop as I share with you this one-of-a-kind, wintery picture book.

In the small town of Toby Mills the citizens are feeling quite the chill of winter, but that doesn’t stop them from finding ways to stay entertained. Sledding, bubbling-hot soup at the Sullivan Diner, and BYOB (bring-your-own-blankets) at the town’s movie theater are all activities the town partake in to keep their mind off the cold. Yet, it keeps getting colder and colder in Toby Mills. Finally, the thermometer drops down to zero and the whole town has had just about enough of it. Luckily, the mayor’s wife finds a way to warm the town’s spirits.

Small towns are timeless. They have their own way and pace about them, which is something Cold Snap captures perfectly. While it does focus on the cold winter weather, it also focuses on the individual characters of Toby Mills and the lifestyle living in a small town brings. And, like all small towns that have their quirks, Toby Mills has General Toby, the town monument. As the temperature gets colder the townspeople measure it’s climate according to General Toby’s nose and the growing icicle that hangs from it. General Toby is the thread that carries the town through colder and “warmer” weather.

And I dare not forget to mention the illustrations! Marjorie Priceman’s illustrations in Cold Snap remind me of the classic appeal of Little Golden Book illustrations, but with a slightly modern take. Her pictures all have an element of movement and boldness that works for the busy town in this story. They masterfully depict the whole town, but pay close attention to details of the individual characters which make the town so special.

The town of Toby Mills will surely warm it’s readers’ hearts even on the coldest of winter days.

Perfect for: Kids of all ages as a way to welcome or celebrate the winter season.

Don’t take my word for it: NY Times, Kirkus Review


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  1. Sarah Dugo says:

    Thanks for the great new book-posted it on my FB fan page. Hope you get more followers & have a wonderful holiday season!



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