Seeing Things



Cheesey grins

Seeing Things

Babes in dreamland.

Seeing Things

We all fall down.

Seeing Things


seeing things

 First snow.

seeing things

Twinkle lights.

seeing things

Bright eyes.

Homemade Star


Seeing Things

 Bed head.

Lawrence Kansas

Winter scene.


Holiday trimmings.

Seeing Things

Put to work.

Seeing Things

First library card.

Glowsticks in Snow

Glowing snow. (Glowsticks in the snow. Try it.)

Lady Jay

Lady Jay.

Seeing Things

Smiles to go ’round.

Where does the time go?


In between finishing my first quarter of grad school, Will finishing his last semester of school before student-teaching next year, having a baby, visitors, finals, sleepless nights, the holidays… The days fly by.

But since Christmas we’ve finally had some slow down time. Some neglect the laundry time. We’ve been taking naps, reading, (re)watching Downtown Abbey. Unwinding. I can’t seem to remember the last time one of us wasn’t working, or had school work, or a deadline. A little r&r has been long overdue.

The new year is fastly approaching, but today I’m taking a break from tomorrow. Today is all about today and reflecting on the blur behind us, these little moments caught between all the hustle and bustle that make it all worth while in the end.



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