Wild Things in January

A Good Day (1)

Winter Shadows (2)

Birds of a Feather (3)

Determined Gatherer (4)

Nest Construction (5)

Jack Frost's Paintbrush (6)

Keepers of the Universe (7)

Waxing and Waning (8)

Kansas Bestiary (9)

Golden Tallgrass (10)

This January was one of highs and lows– A moody month of balmy sunshine and bitter cold. I don’t mind the cold, but the the warm sun-rays were refreshing especially after being cooped up in the house with sickness. The girls, Will, and I were up in bed for some reason or another throughout the month. When we were able to get outside, hikes were muddy which is always squishy good fun for the kids. A stiff chill would pull the ground taught and then it would melt and give away again leaving the earth soft and elastic. Our stepping ground went back and forth like a rubber-band all month. Kansas Day closed out January and you could have sworn the blue skies and wind and birds and beasts knew because the winter bleached prairie looked outstandingly golden.  Below are captions from our nature outings and explorations in January:

1. A good day
2. January shadows
3. birds of a feather
4. determined gatherer
5. nest construction in-progress
6. Jack Frost’s paintbrush
7. “Keepers of the Universe”
8. Waxing and Waning
9. Kansas bestiary
10. Tow-colored strands


Yesterdays as amateur naturalists.


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