Review: A Snicker of Magic

A Snicker of Magic review

A Snicker of Magic

by Natalie Lloyd

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Published: Scholastic (February 2014)

Recommended reading age: 8 & up

In a nutshell: Two nights ago, there was a lightning storm like nothing I’ve ever seen. The sky was flashing as fast as a strobe light. So much electricity flying around up in those dark clouds. Reading A Snicker of Magic was like watching that night sky.

“They say some people could catch stars in Mason jars. And some people could sing up thunderstorms and some could dance up sunflowers. Some people could bake magic into a pie, make folks fall in love, or remember something good, or forget something bad. Some people had a magic for music…”

I first read A Snicker of Magic before moving to the south back in March. It was a coincidence when I picked it up form the library before we had decided to move to Chattanooga. So, it was serendipitous to find out the author, Natalie Lloyd, hailed from there. It was also served in a lot of ways as a tiny catalyst in deciding to move. Twelve-year-old Felicity Pickle,  along with her mom, sister, and dog have had their fair share of moving around. Their next home-place-of-the-moment is Midnight Gultch, Tennessee, a place of magical origins and also her mother’s hometown. But the magic no longer lingers in the streets. It’s lost. A curse removed all the magic, and what remains is a town of the ghosts of what was. But there is more magic in that small town than meets the eye and it starts with it’s residents. This is especially true of newcomer Felicity who can see words hanging, buzzing, spinning, dancing and what have you in places or over people’s heads and keeps them in a notebook. The Beedle, the mysterious town do-gooder who leaves gifts and tokens with the townspeople when least expected. And the delicious Dr. Zook’s ice cream that stays cold for 24 hours and a flavor, Blackberry Sunrise, that has a curious way of surfacing old memories.

Reading this book is like listening to a ballad. The writing is magic itself, and as I read more and more about Felicity, her family, and Midnight Gultch I fell in love with the characters and the story.

I fear this review does not do this book justice. It is something you have to experience yourself.

Extras: Visit Natalie Lloyd at her blog home!

This blog post about the incredible response from kids and adults who have read A Snicker of Magic.

Midnight Gulch

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BEST PART! TOMORROW! On the blog: An interview with the wonderful Natalie Lloyd!!!
I can hardly wait!

Source of book reviewed: My local library!


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