Shoe Painting!

Let Kids Paint Your Shoes

Yesterday, I let my kid paint my shoes.

I bought these cheapo, boring, white shoes a couple of days ago and thought it might be a fun project for the kiddo to add a splash of color to them. So, we went outside with the shoes and paints and presto chango! Instant fun!

boring white shoes

painting shoes

Wanna let kids paint your shoes? Or their own shoes? The process is ridiculously simple.

Find a pair of canvas shoes, used or new. Any color canvas works. If the shoes have laces, remove them. You can also tape the rubber soles like I did with these glitter shoes awhile back, but I opted not to here.

Grab some acrylic paint in whichever color(s) you’d like. A paintbrush is also handy.

Next, find a kid or two. I used my own (please ask before using someone else’s). She LOVES painting, so she was down with sprucing up these kicks with her own artistic style.

After the child is done painting, let dry. That’s it! A fun, wearable art project.  Since she had a blast painting mom’s shoes, this weekend we’re going to repeat the project with a pair of her own.

shoe painting


art sneakers

Now I have a sweet pair of kicks that fill my heart with happy. Like any proud mama, I think everything my child makes is all kinds of wonderful. Every time I look down at my toes, I smile.


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  1. Fran says:

    How fun! you are such a cool mom!

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