Review: Bluebird

Bluebird by Lindsey Yankey


by Lindsey Yankey

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Published: Simply Read Books (January 26, 2014)

Recommended Reading Age: 3 & up

In a nutshell: Boy, do I have a special treat for you my dear reader friend…

Local Lawrence artist Lindsey Yankey has published her first picture book! And it is stunning!

One spring morning, little bluebird woke up to find her dear friend the wind was missing. She had never flown without the wind’s assistance, and so she set off for the day searching high and low for her lost friend. And so the reader joins bluebird on her adventure looking for the wind in the park and throughout the city. Setting off to visit the wind’s regular haunts of tickling the grass with the willow branches, flipping the pages or newspapers, dancing with balloons, or racing boats on the water, bluebird can’t seem to find the wind anywhere. Nonetheless, she remains determined and finds strength in herself along the way.

Whimsical illustrations using various materials of collage, pencil, ink, linoleum block, and paint that play with dimension abound. Each spread could be a stand-alone, but the beauty is in how each one enhances the others in a dreamy compilation brought together by bluebird’s story. A deep richness is emphasized in each illustration and a diversity they collectively create. I’ve been an admirer of Lindsey Yankey’s work since seeing it on display in Downtown Lawrence a few years back, and am so excited to share this book with you. I wanted to feature a couple of pictures of Bluebird with you, but got a little carried away when deciding which ones. I just couldn’t narrow it down.

Take a lingering gander….

Bluebird Lindsey Yankey

Bluebird 1

Bluebird 2

bluebird yellow

bluebird blue

Bluebird 3

Bluebird inside

Bluebird is a delightful story with luminous art which will send imaginations soaring.

Be sure to check back here in a couple days! I’ll be posting an inspiring interview with the talented Lindsey Yankey!

Extras: Visit Lindsey Yankey on her website.

And her blog.

Flip through a digital preview of the book here.

Source of book reviewed: Review copy from the publisher.


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  1. Wow, this is such a gorgeous book.


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