Seeing Things

great expectations

In Kansas, the flowers are as tall as houses.


Tiny treasures.

IMG_5385 Tiny feet.



 Commemorate Lawrence #QR1863.

Read Across Lawrence for Kids Turtle in Paradise

One month, one book.

Kansas Sunflowers

Sunfower state of mind

Sunflower field

as far as the eye can see


August breeze.

Future Reader

 Future reader.

nature collection

Her nature collection.

art walk

 Art walk.

king of the books

King of the shelf.

little storyteller

Improptu storytime. Like mother, like daughter.

leaf printing

Leaf printing.

9th street

Sunrise over 9th.

end of the rainbow

End of the rainbow


Hi, I’m Rebecca and I’m in library school!

Evening puddle walk

Evening puddle walks.


 Just right for the picking.

pumpkin patch

Fruits of October.

The last Seeing Things post was back in July, so I have quite a bit of happenings to report over the past three months.

We moved.

Moving is always draining, but this move was especially so. The house we moved into was a wreck. Exhibit A: We found a snake skin in L’s closet. The house was dirty and needed quite a few repairs – It was not an ideal situation to say the least. We were exhausted, emotionally drained, and not to mention I was seven months pregnant, but we got through it and lived to tell the tale!

Summer Reading came and went, as did Read Across Lawrence for Kids.

At the library, I finished up my weekly summer reading club for 5-6-year-olds which was entirely rooted in STEM literacy. I hosted a few virtual author talks for middle grade readers during those summer month. And once it was all said and done, I switched gears right into Read Across Lawrence for Kids which turned out to be AWESOME.

I started library school.

In the middle of September, aka the middle of Read Across Lawrence for Kids (!!), I flew out to Seattle for orientation at the University of Washington. It was good to meet my cohort, and frightening to come back to my island in Kansas. I’m currently in the middle of my first quarter, which has been a bit hectic as I slowly figure out how this whole being a student thing works. It’s been awhile!

I went on maternity leave.

A week after Read Across Lawrence for Kids wrapped up, I started my maternity leave from the library. I decided that it was best that I give my full attention to my school work in the weeks ahead. That and get ready for the little one to make her debut. But leaving work was harder than I thought it would be. During the last week, I felt anxious that I had no programs in the queue, and after I left I felt empty. It’s hard to push the pause button on a part of your life that you donate a hefty chunk of your energy and heart to. I’m doing better now, but I do find myself scribbling ideas down in the little book that sits by my nightstand for the day when I return.

I’m full term.

This week marks 37 weeks of my pregnancy – Full term! If baby was born today she would be ready to go. Doc says anytime between now and the second week of November is fair game. I packed my bag for the hospital yesterday. Now, it’s a wait and see game. Little L is getting excited about meeting her new baby sister and Will, and I have been trying to sneak in time between class and homework to prepare for her arrival. She will be here before we know it.

Sunflowers bloomed and then wilted and now pumpkins are plump to be plucked off the vine.

This time of the year looks good on Lawrence, Kansas. The sky is a crisp blue and the leaves are just starting to turn. You can still get away with not wearing a heavy jacket (which is good for me because none of mine fit at the moment). We took L to the pumpkin patch and she visited one for preschool. So, we have a running total of something like twelve pumpkins plopped around our house. My absolute favorite holiday, Halloween, is almost here but I haven’t gotten the chance to pull the decorations out, so at least we have our pumpkins to bring us a little Hallow Eve’s cheer. L is planning on being a mermaid, Little Bear, and “leaves changing colors on the tree”. But not necessarily in that order.

Life is busy.

Life is good.

Happy Fall!



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