Seeing Things

Spring moonrise.

Misty walks.

Drip, drip, drop.

South Park in bloom.

Library magic.

Story cuddle.

“We can talk…. When there is anyone worth talking to.”


Cloud gazing.

Pages to Projects.

Growing. (Picture taken at 17 weeks.)

Window watching.


Wagon reading.

Summer fresh.

Strawberry breeze.

Bzzzzzzy at work.



To market, to market.

Growing. (Picture taken at 23 weeks.)

Summer came slowly to Lawrence. Not that I’m complaining… It’s been absolute bliss.

L started attending preschool in June. She goes for half the day and is loving it. Since she is in school now, my schedule has changed quite a bit. Instead of working nights a weekends, I work one full day and then mornings the rest of the work week. I actually get to see my husband. It’s awesome! Over the summer, I’ve been conducting the library summer club for kids 5-6, hosted an early literacy event, a few author talks, and the rest of my time goes towards planning for Read Across Lawrence for Kids.

Let me see… What else?

Oh, yes. Baby is growing. I’m 23-weeks pregnant this week and we found out we were having a GIRL just the other day. The nausea is gone. I’m less tired. The baby is kicking and healthy. She and I are doing a-okay so far.

Last weekend, my husband and I started packing our house up. We’re moving to a different home (only a block away) at the end of the month. I register for classes next week, and school starts in September. Baby is due in November. Will finishes summer school at the end of the month, will have his last semester of school in the fall, and then will student teach in the spring while looking for a job. It’s going to be an eventful rest of 2013! Here we go!


6 Responses to “Seeing Things”

  1. Danzel says:

    You look lovely! The Indian in the Cupboard picture cracks me up.

    • Rebecca says:

      I found that toy an aisle over from where The Indian in the Cupboard books are in our library. I think he got lost :)

  2. Rebecca says:

    Wow, Rebecca, what a busy and amazing year you are having. Sounds like you will need all sorts of help (in the form of chocolate, book club, laughing, venting about library school, homemade bread, etc.) so don’t hesitate to call me! I’d love to help however I can.

  3. FABULOUS PHOTOS!!!!!!!!! love love. And totally in love with your blue dress in that last pic. You look beayoooooooooootiful!

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