An Awesome Book of Love!

An Awesome Book of Love!

by Dallas Clayton

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Published: HarperCollins (December 2012)

Recommended Reading Age: 3 & up

In a nutshell: Love is in the air. Valentine’s Day is near. Pink and red and hearts all over.

Or if you’re Dallas Clayton, the author of An Awesome Book of Love! — Maroon, sapphire blue, and burnt orange. Fuchsia, green, aquamarine, and all the colors in between.

Dallas Clayton is certainly not a stranger on this blog. In fact his first book An Awesome Book, was one of the first books I reviewed. Ever since, I’ve been reading his books with L, recommending them to patrons, and incorporating them into storytime (like here and here). Why am I a Dallas Clayton fan? Because he’s a dreamer. He wants to inspire a generation of dreamers. A generation of givers. Of creators and of lovers. His latest book, An Awesome Book of Love!, is written in the same sing-song rhyming style that makes his books such a fun read aloud experience, paired with electric illustrations. The only thing different is this book’s theme is all about L-O-V-E.

It starts with a dinosaur. And with that, he just won over all children on the first page. Dinosaurs are very powerful creatures, especially when it comes to the hearts of children.

If I was a Dinosaur
and you were a jet
There’s a chance.
A good chance.
That we’d never have met.

And so impossible instances are presented like Wednesday never meeting Monday or spring never meeting fall; but we aren’t seasons or days of the week, Dallas Clayton explains to the reader. “You’re you and I’m me/And we’re as together as together can be” and he goes into unique and fun declarations of love and what love is all about.

This world of stars illustration reminds me of the book, You Are Stardust. Elin Kelsey would approve.

Love this.


Do you see those little jellybean looking characters that kinda look like Rainbow Brite sprites? In the left hand corner? They appear in all of Dallas Clayton’s books and make my childhood self, who grew up obsessed with Rainbow Brite, swoon. If a “warm and fuzzy” was a physical creature, it would be one of these Awesome Book characters. I want to keep one in my pocket. Here’s another “warm and fuzzy” illustration:

Make it a song
and we’ll all sing along
You make me feel strong
You make me feel younger
You make me feel brave
You make me feel something
These words can’t contain.

Dallas Clayton has done it again, a sweet and quirky picture book that will warm your heart. Children will love the story and cheerful illustrations, and adults will love the sentiment. If you can’t find the right words to tell someone just how much you love them this Valentine’s Day, whether they’re are 3 or 83, this book is a whimsical and wonderful way to do so.

Preview An Awesome Book of Love! here today!

And if you’ve never read An Awesome Book!, take a minute to click over here and read it online, cover-to-cover.

Don’t take my word for it:” Quirky drawings in rainbow shades have a psychedelic edge (a purple bear with hearts blasting from its chest could have stumbled off of a Grateful Dead album cover), while the verse might have been sampled from indie rock: “Sometimes it’s a whisper/ when you feel you could shout/ or just being around/ when the others have gone/ or about/ letting go/ when you want to hold on.” Peculiar creatures frolic throughout—an elephant parachutes from a plane, a robot embraces a dinosaur—creating a fresh and lightly irreverent backdrop for Clayton’s earnest verse.” – review from Publisher’s Weekly

Video of Dallas Clayton and his Awesome world:

For more information on Dallas Clayton and his very Awesome World click here.

Source of the book reviewed: Purchased while on a date with my husband, browsing books at Barnes and Noble. You could say it was purchased in love.


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