Seeing Things

Evergreen forests,


and sleigh bell parades.

We’ve seen royalty reading,

Playful smiles,

Secret surprises,

and miniature cheer.

Winter white.

Lights aglow, wishes of wonder. Warm hugs and heavy solstice slumbers.

This morning we woke up to snow. I was up early. When L woke, I took her to the window and asked her to pull back the current. She did, looked out in the darkness and the flecks of white whirling in the wind. Ever so softly, she half whispered, half squeaked, “Snow!”

Winter is here.

It’s been a busy December for us, as I’m sure it has been with you as well. I took off a week from work so Will could devote all his attention to his finals. which he fervently studied for. We didn’t see him much, so it was mostly L and I. Just us. I played housewife and gave L all the attention she wanted. It was such a treat.  Now Will’s finals are finished and we’re off to Michigan for Christmas. I shipped a few used books (a few of which were on this list) to my in-laws for L and my nieces with the possibility of an impromptu storytime or two. We shall see…

Please be sure to stay warm.

Happy Winter.

With Love,



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