Recent and Not So Recent Reads

Hey. Let’s talk middle grade fiction books. And graphic novels. And maybe even a teen and adult book to boot. Underworlds, out of this world, and everything in between. Below is a list with quick mentions and thoughts on some of the books I’ve read over the past few months. All come highly recommended. Middle […]




Reading Tween

Too old for kids books, too young to read teen fiction? The last installment of the Summer Book Hook is devoted to that in-between age group, the tweenagers. I selected some of most talked about and most recommended books by tweens over this past summer sprinkled in with a few recommendations of my own. Other […]



Summer Book Hook: Season’s Readings

For the latest edition of the Summer Book Hook, I’m going to direct you to the Summer 2012 issue of Lawrence Kids Magazine featuring picks from Lawrence Public Library’s youth librarians. You can see this summer reading feature and the magazine in it’s entirety HERE! (Psst… Also check out the Sturdy for Common Things feature […]



To Mom:

When I look back and think about who was the major motivator behind getting me to read when I was young, it was you.  A journey that if I remember correctly, wasn’t always a walk in the park. But there were always an abundance of books in our home and the encouragement to nurture whatever […]



Recent Kids (and Teen) Reads

At the beginning of the year, I took a short break from reading children’s chapter books with these two adult books and the first book on this post is a young adult book. A brief adults only, leave the kids with grandma, sort of vacation.  While I enjoyed the trip, I’m also glad to be […]




7:23am. The coffee was made, breakfast started, everyone was up and awake (two entirely different states of being by the way..) The computer was powered up. At attention. Because this morning wasn’t our everyday morning. This morning at 7:48am, the 2012 ALA Youth Media Awards were announced live online at the ALA Midwinter Meeting in […]



End of Year Notable Reads

I’ve been extremely impressed with the last few books I’ve read. I mean.. a great book is hard to come by. Usually they are sprinkled here and there between a couple “okay books”, maybe one that bored you to tears, but you believed it “might get better”. And it never did. They come along only […]



The End of Summer (Reading)

It’s official. Today is the first day of fall. Which also means summer reading has officially ended. (le sigh…) What did you read over the summer months? And f you have children, what did they enjoy reading? LBD and I did quite a bit of summer reading together, but I also manged to read about […]



And the award goes to…. ?

Last week, I was asked what children book awards I’m currently aware of. Excited by the question immediately blurted out, “The Caldecott Medal, The Newbery Awards, and…well… um…..that’s it.” Embarrassing. I worked in a children’s book department for almost two years and that’s all I’ve got? It was some time ago, but even so my […]