Spring Birds Storytime

Finally! Warmer weather. The trees are starting to bloom white and pink flowers, and the birds are back twittering away early each morning. This week’s storytime theme was all about the spring season and the birds. Originally, I wanted to make bird feeders after storytime, but a majority of simple bird feeder crafts require peanut […]




Windy Day Storytime

Kansas can see some wicked winds, especially in the springtime. (Insert Wizard of Oz joke.) Due to our naturally windy climate and the fact that I was itching to test out a new book on the storytime kids called Windblown (you can read my review here), the storytime theme for this week was “Windy Day”. […]



Review: Windblown

Windblow by Edouard Manceau Find it at: Your library | Amazon | Indibound Published: Owlkids Books (April 9, 2013) Recommended reading age: 2 & up In a nutshell: One of my primary goals when selecting storytime books for library storytime is to find books that will inspire creativity, and which can also serve as an […]



Create with Maisy: A First Arts-and-Crafts Book

Create with Maisy: A Maisy First Arts-and-Crafts Book by Lucy Cousins Find it at: Your library | Amazon | Indiebound Published: Candlewick (July 10, 2012) Recommended reading age: 2-8 In a nutshell: It’s almost the end of March, and like many other parts of the country winter is having it’s last hurrah here in northeastern […]



Rain and Rainbow Storytime

Sunday was St. Patrick’s Day, and a quiet day at the library with the big downtown parade going on just a block away. Even though storytime was the day of the holiday, I opted out out of a St. Patrick’s Day themed storytime this year. I just wasn’t feeling it. But since it was so […]



Review: The Dark

The Dark by Lemony Snicket, illustrated by Jon Klassen Find it at: Your library | Amazon | Indiebound Published: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers (April 2, 2013) Recommended reading age: 3 & up In a nutshell: Did you used to run up the basement stairs after shutting off the light? Hide under the covers […]



Review: How to Be a Cat

How to Be a Cat by Nikki McClure Find it at: Your library | Amazon | Indiebound Published: Abrams Appleseed (March 12, 2013) Recommended reading age: 0-5 In a nutshell: As a long time fan of cut-paper artist Nikki McClure, and as lifetime cat-lover, I’m extremely excited about the release of her latest book, How […]



Food Fun Storytime

This week’s storytime was all about food. Reading about food, singing about food, and even painting with food. It was a dreary rainy day, so there were lots and lots of kids looking to have some indoor fun and that’s just what we had. Food Fun Storytime Line-up: Pete’s a Pizza by William Steig Since […]



Review: Lucky Ducklings

Lucky Ducklings by Eva Moore, illustrated by Nancy Carpenter Find it at: Your library | Amazon | Indiebound Published: Orchard Books, imprint of Scholastic (February 1, 2013) Recommended reading age: 3 & up In a nutshell: It’s Make Way for Ducklings for a new generation. Lucky Ducklings is the true story about about five little […]



Throwback Thursday: The Big Jump and Other Stories

The Big Jump and Other Stories by Benjamin Elkin, illustrations by Katherine Evans Find it at: Your library | Amazon Published:  Random House Books for Young Readers (September 12, 1958) Do you follow NPR’s Backseat Book Club? If not, Backseat Book Club is a series that selects one kid-friendly book per month, and airs a […]