Favorite Children’s Books About Winter

Since this autumnal booklist for kids ended up being quite popular, I’ve assembled another seasonal list of favorite children’s books about wintertime just in time for the snowy, blowy winter season. You’ll find handfuls of lesser known titles, a splash of new books, as well as tried and true familiar stories that I hope you and yours enjoy […]




Favorite Halloween Books

My fondness of Halloween started at a very young age. Perhaps it was the glowing pumpkins lining the streets, or stories of witches riding in the night, or inky October evenings with the moon hanging low in the sky… Aaaaah Halloween!  But one thing I know for sure is my romance with this holiday was […]



Favorite Children’s Books About Fall

Autumn in our home is grabbing a quilt, a cup of warm apple cider, and stack of books to read on the porch during a crisp autumn morning. Inspired by the season, below is a list of favorite children’s books about fall to share with you and yours throughout this festive time of year. There […]



Best Books to Give at a Baby Shower: The Librarians’ List

When you’re invited to a baby shower, the prospect of giving a gift can be daunting ($$$$), but it doesn’t have to be! You see, you can give the perfect gift ever without having to spend a ton of money — GIVE BOOKS! Reading to baby from the moment they’re born has outstanding benefits not only […]



Look Up! Books About Monarch Butterflies

At this very moment, millions and millions of monarch butterflies are migrating 20,000 miles south for the winter. Maybe you live in the northern part of the country and have already seen them, or perhaps you’re still awaiting the arrival of the impending large orange cloud overhead if you live further south (here’s how to […]