For our first wedding anniversary, Will bought me an apothecary jar with the intention of me turning it into a terrarium.

That was in January.

Since then, it’s been boxed up empty. Waiting.

So, after the house was unpacked, one of the first things I did was visit Sunrise Garden Center where I purchased a small bag of pebbles, active charcoal (not like the charcoal you grill with, but sterilized charcoal specifically for gardening to keep mold and rot away), enriched soil, and three different types of ferns.

To assemble, I layered the bottom of the jar with the rocks, then the charcoal, then the soil, and planted the ferns in the soil. Then I dripped water around each fern, no more than a 1/2 cup total, put the lid on, and waited. After 30 minutes, beads of sweat started to appear on the side of the jar and after an hour the terrarium was foggy, humid with moisture. Confirmation that the little world I planted was a alive and well.

To maintain, all I have to (remember to) do is take the jar lid off every 3 days and let the environment breathe for half an hour to an hour, keep away from direct sunlight in a darker area in the house, trim the plants when necessary, and voila! Terrarium! Yeah!