Wild Things in Summer

june morning

Turtle whisperer

my wildflower

Catalpa tree

Fallen Catalpa flowers

Spring's last hurrah

Hopper hello

Summer Solstice Fairy Ring

Summer Solstice snuggles

June journaling

black rasperies off the vine

Dreamy Kansas skies

Leaf printing

Eucalyptus lane

Beach combing

Sneaky sideling

Mountain magic

Desert views


As quickly as it came, summer is already on the decrescendo. The heat broke the last week of July, the days are shorter, and the wild sunflowers are reaching up to the Kansas blue sky ready to burst. I missed a wild things post in June, so I combined June and July’s nature adventures together. The end of our summer was spent away from our Lawrence home in southern California for my mom’s wedding. It was a busy trip, but we were able to escape for some leisure time on the beach and in the desert. I’ve been on a Mary Oliver binge for several months now. Somedays I write a line of hers down and keep it in my pocket. This one I’ve been keeping by close to me a lot lately: “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

First light on the prairie
Catalpa trees in full bloom
Creek mudslides
Fields of firefly twinkling
The fragrant smell of desert evenings
Tide pooling
Sea salt smiles
Swooping bats at twilight
The last hurrah of summer nights

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