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Storytime Anytime Weather BEAR GETS DRESSED by Harriet Ziefert illustrated by Arnold Lobel

Storytime Anytime is a simple storytime experience that parents and caregivers can recreate at home. Each storytime focuses on a book about a specific interest, a song, rhyme, or fingerplay that complements the story, and then a few, simple extension activities. Storytime doesn’t just happen in the library, storytime can be anytime! 

READ: We’ve been reading a lot of books about weather lately, and the vintage gem Bear Gets Dressed: A Guessing-Game Story by Harriet Ziefert, illustrations by Arnold Lobel (public library) is the story most often picked by my 2-year old. The story starts with bear waking up in the morning and looking outside his window. Each page after depicts a variety of garments and asks the reader what would bear wear depending on the weather he sees outside– Open the flap and the answer is revealed. It’s a straightforward, sweet book for toddlers and preschools by two highly regarded kid lit authors.

Bear Gets Dressed: A Guessing Game Story

Bear Gets Dressed by Harriet Ziefert, illustrated by Arnold Lobel

If you’re a librarian or teacher, it would make a wonderful flannel board. I didn’t check to see if someone has already thought of that idea or not. So if someone in internet land has – Kudos! Bear Gets Dressed is a new-to-us classic that encourages kids to think about weather, seasons, and how the clothing we wear reflects both.

SING: There’s a fantastic selection of weather songs over on Jbrary’s YouTube channel, but their rendition of “What’s the Weather?” seems to be the weather-themed song we enjoy singing the most of the bunch. That one, and “Come Under My Umbrella” are big hits in my house. Try not to hum “Oh my darling, Clementine” anytime someone asks “Whats the weather?” after singing this song a few times…

What’s the Weather (sung to Clementine) via Perpetual Preschool
What’s the weather? What’s the weather? What’s the weather like today? 
Is it foggy, partly cloudy, is it raining or is there snow? 
Is it windy, is it cloudy or is there sunshine today? 
What’s the weather? What’s the weather? What’s the weather like today?

PLAY: These are a few no-stress weather activities to play after reading Bear Gets Dressed:

  • Play a weather dress-up game! Gather an assortment of clothing for all types of weather and lay them out in a room. Pretend to look out the window and say, “What will the weather be like today? It’s ___________ !” and ask the child to find and put on clothing that best fits the weather you describe.
  • When you go outdoors, talk about the weather you see and feel. Is it cold or warm? Is it cloudy or sunny? Rainy? Foggy? Is it dark or light? What time of day is it? Will the weather change during the day? What is the season? Do you have a favorite type of weather? Taking time to notice weather is just one way to connect children to the cycles of the natural world.
  • Dress up a doll or stuffed animal over the course of the week according to the weather forecasted each day. Does the doll or stuffy have to change outfits a few times to accommodate the weather? Or are they able to wear the same outfit for a majority of the week?

BOOK SUGGESTIONS: For more weather book suggestions for younger children, scroll down to the end of this weather booklist!


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