Wild Things in March

Spring Equinox (1)

Hello Little Lady (2)

enchanted forest (3) Cottonwood Smiles (4) Forced Spring Branches (5)

Spring Skies  (6)

Poking and stirring and stomping and splashing (7) Tadpoles (8)

Tree Hopping (9)

Drawing Front Porch Friends (10)

Easter Snow (11)

Big ol' water snake sunbathing (12)

Wetland Walkin' (13)

Springtime choir member (14)

Looking down, looking up (15)

Lion, lamb, lion, lamb, lion, lamb… March ticked tocked back and forth between winter and spring. This year spring came prematurely with blooms and animals surfacing early, but not without cold bursts and even a surprise snow on Easter morning- A fluffy snow that melted by afternoon. We’ve been spending quite a bit of time at our favorite wetlands spot. At the beginning of the month, there were only a few geese and recently emerged frogs, but now the habitat is in full celebration of the warmer weather. A springtime frog choir, tadpoles, frogs, a big ol’ water snake, skittish ducks and geese, a belted kingfisher, turtles sunning themselves on a log, and water striders skimming the water surfaces. Looking forward to see what surprises April has in store! What are your plans outdoors for the month ahead?

1. Spring Equinox
2. Hello little lady
3. “Hey, I know! Let’s go in this enchanted forest!”
4. Cottonwood leaf smiles
5. Forced spring branches
6. Springtime blues
7. Poking and stirring and stomping and splashing
8. Tadpoles
9. Tree hopping
10. Front porch friends
11. Easter snow
12. Big ol’ water snake
13. Wetland walkin’
14. Littlest choir member
15. Looking down, looking up

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  1. Luna says:

    Wow, the pictures are very pretty! I’m looking forward to the rest of spring and what the weather has in store for us. Thanks for the pictures! I loved how you described this season.

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