Our Newest Family Members– Chicks!

gold comet chick

our newest chick family members

Meet our sweet, little puff balls of love. Two weeks ago, we made a trip to pick up four day-old chicks from a local farmer and boy, oh boy, are we smitten chicken owners already. They’re growing fast and we’re already seeing glimpses of their personalities. Over the past several years, my partner and I have been talking about raising chickens and finally decided to go for it. Originally, we were waiting to own chickens until we were living in our forever-home, but that may take awhile. There’s no time like the present, am I right?

The kids have been terrific with the chicks. On the way to pick them up, the the girls and I were giddy (and I was a teeny bit nervous), but so far it has been going well. Mira really loves ducks, and I did debate getting a couple ducklings as well but in the end decided chicks were enough for now, especially since we have no idea how to raise poultry. Lorelei is eager each morning to clean the brooder, spend time with them during the day, keep an eye on their water and food, and clean the brooder again at night before bed. We have quite a few chicken books in our personal library that we read often, but one that really struck a chord with Lorelei this past fall. Sonya’s Chickens by Phoebe Wahl. Just like Sonya in the story, Lorelei repeatedly tells her chicks, “I’ll be our mama.” That book actually played a big part in our decision to start raising chickens this year.

DIY brooder for chicks

plastic bin brooder

Our brooder is a used plastic tub and an old window screen purchased from the Restore for $1.50. The screen is bungeed onto the tub, which is lined with newspaper and several inches of pine shavings. We have two cats that would probably love more than anything to have a chick sandwich for lunch, so the screen is a must. An inferred heat lamp is perched to a chair and bungeed for safety and that’s our makeshift brooder set up!

golden wyandotte chick

We have zero experience owning chickens, so it’s a learning curve. We’re looking to build a portable chicken coop for our ladies, so if you have suggestions or coop preferences please leave a comment below. Actually… ANY chicken advice would be helpful if you have some to spare. I’m already daydreaming about fresh eggs in the morning!


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