Wild Things in February

February Skies (1)

Walks with big stick (2)

valentine's day nature chocolate box (3)

Dear Deer Bones (4)

Frozen pond (5)

shadow provocation (6)

shadow tracing (7)

feather (8)

kansas skies in february (9)

spring crocuses (10)

skipping on sunshine (11)

Our adventures in nature for February ended in sunshine. Ahhh sunshine! The days have been windy and warm and cold and up and down and back around true to transitional Kansas weather. One day the pond is frozen and the next day it has thawed completely. It will probably freeze again this week. Among the brown all around are little specks of lavender or gold– Crocuses! Spring is near. It’s almost here.

1. February sunrise
2. “Speak softly and carry a big stick”
3. Valentine’s Day nature box
4. winter bones
5. pond shadows
6. Shadow selfie
7. more shadow play
8. spot of color among winter pallor
9. Afternoon skies over Kaw Valley
10. signs of spring
11. Skipping on sunshine

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