DIY Recycled Kid’s Art Calendar


DIY Kid's Art Calender - This activity is easy peasy lemon squeezy! Find some kid art, staple a printable calendar to it, and that's it!

DIY Kid's Art Calender

Have some extra kids’ art laying around the house? This DIY Recycled Kid’s Art Calendar is a simple craft to talk about and prepare for the new year ahead! Plus, it’s a makeshift way to decorate your home or office with your child’s art. Here’s how it’s done…


  • Child’s artwork
  • Free printable monthly calendar (like this one or this one)
  • Stapler

Recycled child's painting on 18x12 paper for DIY art calendar

First, sift through the pile of your child’s artwork that has been piling up that you swear you’ll go through on day. I picked out this painting on a 18×12 piece of  paper.

free printable yearly calendar for DIY kid's art calendar craft

Go online and find a printable calendar of the months of the year. I used this one, but anything you find to your liking will do.

Kid's Art Calendar

Simple kid's art calendar craft

Staple the calendar printout (make sure the months are in order!) to the child’s art project and hang for all to see and share throughout the new year!

Recycle children's art into a wall calender via SfCT

This doesn’t have to be a recycled art work project– You could invite kids to paint or draw or collage or however they enjoy expressing themselves on a large piece of construction paper, watercolor paper, or poster board and then staple the printable calendar once the artwork is completed. Regardless if the art is new or old, this is a simple and artful way to celebrate the new year. After your calendar is done, mark important dates like birthdays and holidays and/or enjoy reading a story about the months of the year.

Happy New Year!


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