Wild Things in December

First frost of december -SfCT (1)

Wild Things in December - All is quet except the crunching of leaves -SfCT (2)

Nature Ornament (3)

Dark Dawn - SfCT (4)

Fossil Finding - SfCT (5)

Winter Walk in the Woods - SfCT (6)

Homemade Cookie Cutter Bird Feeders (7)

winter solstice fairy ring tradition (8)

First Snow - SfCT (9)

unseen visitor (10)

Snow for breakfast - SfCT (11)

Winter is here. The Winter Solstice arrived and went leaving a soft coat of snow that fell just before the month’s end. The girls couldn’t get enough of the snow, eating it by the handfuls. Since the snow came late this year, there was a little more time to discover the brown earth before it was covered in white. During one of our walks, Lorelei discovered a brachiopod fossil and is quite proud of her find. Fossils and dinosaurs is a popular interest in our home lately, so we’ve been extra attentive to looking at rocks all around. The other interest that’s taken off this month is snow crystals. We checked out W.A. Bently’s Snow Crystals a few days ago and the girls are often found on the couch flipping through photograph after photograph of snowflakes. I’m looking forward to seeing what discoveries and interests evolve in the year ahead.

1. December crystals
2. All is quiet
3. Making nature orbs
4. Dark dawn
5. Fossil finding
6. Winter walk in the wood
7. Gifts for friends, gifts for the birds
8. Celebrating the Winter Solstice
9. First snow
10. Unseen visitor
11. Snow breakfast


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