Nature Orbs

Nature Orbs - Foraging items from outside to display at home. This is a fun activity when the months are cold and you need some nature inspiration for the winter months

The days are getting colder and our time outside is less and less. Using items foraged from outside and from our home nature center, we’ve brought some of the outdoors inside to keep us inspired during the winter months. I stumbled upon this idea of making feather ornaments, and thought it would be great for exhibiting our outdoor findings in our home.  This activity is very easy to do and could also be a fun way to incorporate nature decorations into you Christmas tree if that’s a holiday your celebrate or could be fun to experiment with year-round, which is what we plan to do.


  • Clear ornaments which can be found in your local craft stores in either glass or plastic
  • Found nature items from outdoor walks or adventures
  • Yarn or string

How to Make Your Own Nature Orbs:

It’s really quite simple. Find natural artifacts from outside that are flexible and small enough to put inside an ornament ball, arrange them in the ornament, string the ornament up with yarn or string and that’s it! Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Hang in a spot to be observed and admired. We tried a to fit a couple leaves in one ornament, but they were too dry for this time of year and ended up breaking apart. It’s actually a great problem solving exercise because the kids brought home some sticks that were way to big and some seed pods that were also too big, but the feathers and grasses worked very well as did smaller seeds.

Nature Ornament

Nature Orbs Provocation

My favorite of the bunch is the milkweed. It reminds me of the 1940’s version of Fantasia’s “Waltz of the Flowers” that I used to love watching as a girl. The monarch butterfly was found dead in our yard back in September, but all other items were found over the past week on walks. Don’t they look magical? I’m looking forward to switching these Nature Orbs out throughout winter and into springtime. Moss, young leaves, small flowers.. The possibilities!



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