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Circle Dance Lawrence Folk - Sturdy for Common Things

When was the last time you swung your partner round and round? I learned how to square dance in 4th grade and that was probably the last time I did any dosey doe-ing on my own accord. Earlier this week we attended an all-ages folk dancing introduction put on by the good people at Lawrence Folk. It was thrilling! My childhood self who watched Little Women almost every Saturday morning, dreaming of parties with organized dancing reveled in the experience. More often than not when I attend parties I feel awkward and self-conscious… I stand around talk, talk, talking, while I’m dream, dream, dreaming of social events of yesteryear. The shuffle of feet, the holding of hands, the gathering of community, and the dancing of dances that have been passed down through generations. This morning we have the radio on and are looking up dance steps, preparing from the next gather. Starting a Sunday off dancing is always a good start to the week.

Is there a lost practice from long ago that you wish still existed today?

Below I’ve listed few places to visit on the interwebs to start your week. I’ve had some recent illness that has kept me from posting the past several weeks and I’m finally starting to feel well enough to spend more time here again on SfCT. For little bits and pieces in between, follow along on Instagram.

Do you celebrate Thanksgiving? I share this article every year around this time because it’s an important read, especially if you have or work with children: How to talk to your children about Thanksgiving’s ugly history by Susan Rohwer. And this video Everything You Know About Thanksgiving is Wrong is also a good watch.

One photographer gives thanks to nature’s tiniest gifts with this stunning photo series.

It just started getting chilly here in Kansas– Winter is almost here! These two articles: The Norwegian Secret to Enjoying a Long Winter  & Get cosy: why we should all embrace the Danish art of ‘hygge’ are a great read on these two countries’ positive outlook on the winter season.

How are you feeling this very moment? There’s a poem for that feeling.

We Don’t Need No Education, by Ben Hewitt via Outside is a lovely look inside his homeschooling life with two boys on a farm in Vermont. Their entire world is predominantly spent outside. Makes me want to live on a farm.

Matt Kirkland, a friend of ours, was kind of a big deal this past week when CNET pick up his fun side project: Dumb Cuneiform preserves your fleeting tweets in ancient symbols.

Ho Ho Ho! How great are these Santa sculptures by Phoebe Wahl? I’m reviewing her children’s book, Sonya’s Chickens, along with a fun activity to go along with it tomorrow on the blog!

Have a great week!


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