Wild Things in October

wild things october 1 (1)

Wild things october 2 (2)

wild things october 3 watercolor resist (3)

wild things october 4 (4)

wild things october 5 autumn fairy dust (5)

wild things october maple (6)

wild things 6 autmnn leaves (7)

wild things 7 mandala (8)

wild things 9 prairie pumpkins (9)

wild things 8 pickled spiders (10)

IMG_1952 (11)

prairie pumpkins (12)

Oh, October. You were good to us. Lawrence, Kansas has an ego in autumn. The city wears the season pridefully like a loud, orotund parade of the trees. Boom! Bloom! Two pumpkin patches are only a 5-minute drive from home, and I’d often talk the little there to play in the morning in the prairie sunshine. Yesterday, the winter chill has arrived with rain and the streets are slick with early October glory. November is moving in.

1. Collecting.
2. Teeny tiny spiderweb between two sunflower skulls.
3. Leaf rubbings and watercolors. (idea credit)
4. Walking along a trail lined with sumacs. My lovely friend Erika snapped this shot.
5. Making Autumn Fairy Dust.
6. Fire in the sky.
7. Falling, falling, falling.
8. Ode to the west wind.
9. Prairie pumpkins.
10. Pickled spiders introduced to the kids my nature class courtesy of another teacher’s husband’s creepy crawly collection.
11. October beginnings.
12. Last pickings before Hallowe’een.




Days and days of wild things adventures.


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  1. Nate says:

    It is all so vibrant! I love it!

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