Wild Things: Adventures as Amateur Naturalists

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Over the past year, my little family has taken to leading a wilder life. For me, it was about finding solace wandering woodlands, to breathe the crisp air and find stillness in thought. It was a transformative year and one that has left me weak in many ways and stronger in others. For the kids… well…. They’re kids, which means they’re innately wild things– Inquiry and exploration is second nature. We’ve always spent a good deal of time outside, but our time there has changed. Now when we’re out for a walk we look closely, we listen, we feel, we identify, and we’ve become residences instead of visitors.

Building a nature literacy in my own learning and my children’s learning is now such an important part of our lives that I plan to write more about that journey here. This rekindling with nature has surfaced so many memories from my own childhood: Me lying on my back trying to take pictures of the sunlight streaming through the leaves of the trees with a point-and-shoot camera, my dad showing me a teeny garter snake he almost ran over in the yard, my brother and I walking by a line of rosemary bushes and watching bumblebees hover and bounce over the violet blooms… I want for my own children to have memories like this, of being free to roam and play and investigate. As I grow, this blog grows with me and I look forward to writing more about these wild adventures and newfound resources as amateur naturalists with you.



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  1. Jenna says:

    Ohhh, I love this. Beautiful photos, too.

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