Sunday Foliage

sunday foliage

Oh, hey Sunday! Before we get into the week, how is everyone’s weekend?

On Friday, we ventured to Clinton Lake, a 15 minute drive from our house. Not a cloud in that wide blue sky, myself and two mom friends and seven kids for a picnic, hike, and playtime on the shore. The sumac was a brazen red in the tall golden grasses. Green is quickly draining from the leaves on the trees leaving vibrant ambers, reds, and browns. The native sunflower stalks are almost unrecognizable, petal-less and brittle, dried stalks standing tall with sunflower skulls.

It was a happy time of adult conversation and unadulterated free-play for the kids. Both activities rare and sacred. That was my highlight. Feeling thankful for that blue sky and new friends.

I hope you take it easy today. I’ve selected a few places for you to visit on the interweb for you if you’re feeling so inclined to fall down the rabbit hole:

These absolutely beautiful cast plaster plants from a London artist, Rachel Dein look like modern day fossils. (Thanks Rebecca for the link!)

Speaking of fossils… Fossil hunting just became more connected with this fossil location and identification app. Looking forward to trying this out with the kids!

The National Book Awards shortlist finalists were announced last week. Check out what titles made the list!

Tired of answering all your kids questions? I love this article by a good friend, a dad of two young kids who has a few questions of his own.

Why you should leave the leaves in your yard instead of raking and bagging them. (Not to mention more time for reading or caffinating or walking or nothing-ing on the weekend.)

As I type this post, I’m listening to this song. It’s one I’ve been listening to for days and days and days. From a band I’ve been listening to for months and months and months. On play and repeat:

Enjoy your day! Take it easy and have a great week.



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  1. Nate says:

    Holy awesome, that is a cool app. I could have used this when I was 10 while convincing myself that every rock I found was probably a piece of a dinosaur, aha.

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