Last Sigh of Summer

Last Sigh of Summer

Summer always seems to come and go faster than all other seasons. The past few summers we either moved down the block or to another state and back, so it’s been a fleeting, transitional season. But let me tell you… It feels so good to be home. All the boxes have been unpacked and we’re finally settling into a rhythm. So much change is behind us and so much is ahead.

How was your summer?

I’ve been playing the “what if” game a lot lately. Lying in bed, listening to baby snores in the next room and louder husband snores next to me, I’ve been thinking. I’ve been planning. There was a long pause here on Sturdy for Common Things, but now that the dust is settling you’re going to see me here more often. Quite a bit more often, at that. Like a gardner who let her garden go unkept for a season, I’ve started pruning and digging, and finding a place to grow again.

School started back up for my math teacher husband and my 1st born baby. As of last week, Lorelei is now in kindergarten. Kind-er-gar-ten! She runs with the big kids now and is a full-fledge elementary schooler. People always warn you when you have kids that this growing up thing happens fast. When they’re wee babes it seems like these milestones are light years away, but those clichés are spot on. Blink and you’re there. My Mira is now a little person and loves to make me laugh. I’ve shed a few tears with all these growing pains lately. I try not to in front of the kids, but sometimes I can’t help my heart. If Mira happens to witness one of these spells, she immediately says, “Mama? Mama!” and then makes a silly face and I laugh with wet cheeks and dry my eyes. You want so much for your kids not to see you upset.

This was and is my summer. This is me today. I’m at an intersection of possibilities; both exciting and terrifying.

What else?

Are you on Instagram? I cleaned out the cobwebs of my long-time private account and went public. I’m @lovesreading if you’d like to follow along on my photo journey. After I read this post by Joy the Baker, and as someone overwhelmingly intimidated by this social media platform and all its pristine photo ops, I felt more comfortable to take the plunge. So, here I am.

More Instagram inspiration comes from reading this Art from an American Backyard feature from National Geographic about an artist who photographs nature small bits of nature in a  20th century-esqe scientific documentation format and they’re stunning.

I haven’t slept much lately and when I’m up late at night, I do a bit of reading. Lately,  I read a lot of Brainpickings. That is some serious soul food. I get lost in articles for hours, which doesn’t necessarily help the insomnia, but provides just enough encouragement to lay my head down and dream. This article and this article have especially resonated with me lately. Oh, and not to forget this outstanding feature of The Artist’s Library by Laura Damon-Moore and Erinn Batykefer, founder’s of The Library as Incubator Project just this past month! A round of applause! Yippee, Laura & Erinn!

That’s all for now. More later.

Enjoy your last sigh of summer!

On repeat: “Dressed Up In The Light” by Taylor Holenbeck



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