Plans Have Changed

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Spring is synonymous with change. Some change is effortless. All of the sudden you look outside and green leaves cover the once bare trees, the world has transformed, it seems, overnight. But this spring has been unstable. Winter lingers like a guest overstaying a visit; fog and snow and changing winds. The sunlight is crystal clear and then disappears for days and days and days. Not to delve too much into seasonal symbolism, this spring has been reflective of weeks of soul-searching and transition and transformation. Now through the thick of it, plans have changed.

We’re moving back to LFK.

As I write this,  I’m in the room I’ve been staying in at my in-laws’ house in small town Ludington, Michigan. My computer is on a little folding table along with notes and books and a few treasures found on a walk the other day, (weathered drift wood, a skipping stone, a goldfinch feather). The window is cracked and a soft breeze rustles the papers now and then. The day is gold and green with morning sun. Will, my partner, is home after being gone for two months finishing up the school year teaching in Chattanooga. He’s playing with the kids outside. I can hear them whooping and laughing. Ever since we sold our house in Chattanooga in a matter of days in February, moving out early March, I’ve been taking care of the kids solo here in Ludington. But this weekend we’re finally together again.

“I’ve been thinking a lot about this and I think we should put Lawrence back on the table,” he said a few weeks ago over the phone. “Think about it.”

We had already made our decision, an emotional decision, and Michigan was our destination. We had a plan laid out. But maybe he was right.

My first day working at the East Lansing Public Library was supposed to be yesterday. It was a fresh start filled with promise. Making that phone call to them several weeks ago was very difficult.  I’m still sad about it, but it’s comforting to know we made the right decision. We’re going back home.

As of this week, Will has a new teaching job there and we have a teeny house to rent that we’ll move into this summer. Nothing was lined up when we decided to move back, but it’s all coming together quickly. I will continue to be full-time mom and have a small seasonal project facilitating a nature-based program for kindergarteners in the fall. Maybe I will work more, maybe I won’t. It will depend on how things go. There will be more time for writing again while finding our rhythm.

Ludington will always be a home for us. We love Michigan. How lucky we are to have two places where we have wonderful friends and family. A friend joked the other day that we should probably invest in a yurt, since we move around so much. But I think this journey of loop-de-loops and curly-cues has led us to our haven.


3 Responses to “Plans Have Changed”

  1. Best of luck to you guys! It has been a few years of many transitions but all lead to a good place. Hang in there – and stay in touch!

    • Rebecca says:

      Thank you, Marge! Life’s a journey :)
      Good luck with your summer. I’m sending good vibes and will be thinking of you!

  2. Belinda says:

    Best wishes to you and your family! I’m thinking that moving around might be easier to undertake while your children are young; we may need to make a job related move in the near future, and my children (ages 10 and 13) do not want to be torn away from their school friends.

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