Draw a Yeti

Draw a Yeti

When I saw this tweet floating around the DC Public Library Twitter feed the night before Thanksgiving, I thought it would be a great project for our Kids’ Room craft station. So that night, during a blimp of down time, I whipped up this document and that was it! Since then, a flurry of yetis have taken over the library! (And yes, “flurry of yetis” is the collective noun for “yeti”.)

Draw a Yeti

This is my 4-year-old’s yeti. It’s very Chris Raschka, don’t you think?

If you would like to download a copy for use in your own library or classroom or home or any non-commercial use, click the link below for your own copy of this activity:

Draw a Yeti

Unleash the yetis!!


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