Colorful Acorn Caps (The Easiest Acorn Craft Ever)

Acorn Craft

Aren’t these stunning? I learned about this craft from a couple of my coworkers and had to share. The 4-year-old and I made these with the large stash of acorns we’ve been collecting over the fall season. She used them as a form of fairy currency for pretend play. We also turned them into necklaces, and even used a handful as decorations for our holiday tree.

Materials you’ll need:

  • Acorns (any variety will work)
  • Washable markers
  • School glue

Here’s how we made them… (It’s SO easy!)

acorn kids craft

 First, I cleaned a ton of acorns using this method.

Then we colored the inside of the acorn caps with washable markers.


 You can even experiment with multiple colors.


 Fill the colored cap with school glue.


 Put caps in a place where they can dry. I used half-dried-out-playdoh to support the ones that were a bit on the wobbly side.


The acorn caps will look like this after a day of drying.


 And they will look like this after a couple days.


And this is what they will look like when they’re finished!

Our acorn caps were completely dry in 3 days.


acorn necklace


 We turned a few into necklaces by tying the acorn to hemp cord.  (The inspiration behind this idea.) We also used yarn and whatever string we had laying around the house and turned them into ornaments. We’ll be keeping this craft in our pocket come next fall!


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