Every Day is Storytime

Every Day is Storytime Jane Johnston

Exciting news! The best!!

I’m happy to share that my mentor, recently retired children’s librarian Jane Johnston, has started a blog: Every Day is Storytime.

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting Jane Johnston in person, she is magical. While we worked together, I made it a point to try and absorb every ounce of wisdom she possesses when it comes to early literacy devices and tools, children’s books, and programming. After she retired, I often wondered how all the knowledge she possessed would live on, especially her philosophies, the songs, fingerplays, and stories she created entirely on her own. I was only able to take in a teeny sliver of it during the time I worked with her, which is why I’m beyond thrilled that she has decided to start blogging.  Every Day is Storytime is “dedicated to exploring the fun of finding and appreciating the words and stories tucked into the corners of your family time together”.  Her blog is written with the caregiver audience in mind, but I feel it will also be a rich resource for librarians and early childhood educators.

As her devoted pupil, I hang onto her every word. She is a storyteller, a poet, a children’s literature enthusiast, an advocate for discovery and play, a musician, a wizard, and so, so, so much more. Please join Jane in celebrating storytime every day HERE.


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