In the Field: Meet Kendra Jones

In the Field: Meet Kendra Jones

Hop on over to the University of Washington iYouth Blog today for an interview with storytiming extrodinare, youth services librarian Kendra Jones from the Vancouver Community Library in Vancouver, Washington! This is the second edition of a new monthly series I’m contributing to titled “In the Field”, where I interview innovative youth services librarians across the country. Thank you Kendra for your inspiring contribution to the youth services library profession!

In the Field: Meet Kendra Jones

For more amazing people doing amazing things in the library world, check back around this time next month!

Also, if you’re a youth librarian that would be willing to rock the “In the Field” interview, shoot me an email at sturdyforcommonthings (dot) gmail (dot) com.


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    Just an fyi – the link is missing the ‘ : ‘ colon behind http. It doesn’t work.

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