30 Weeks

This week marks 30 weeks.

The homestretch.

Little girl is growing and has a lot more growing to do. We’re still teeterting back and forth between names. There are a few standouts, so now all we need to do is buckle down and make a decision. Like L, she’s an active little thing. Will doesn’t know how I sleep at night with her constantly moving around all the time. All I know is that I’m getting a whole heck of a lot more sleep than I will come 10 weeks from now! The countdown is on. Soon our family of 3 will be 4.

Postscript: For those folks out there on the interweb who aren’t from around here, you can see why they call Kansas the “Sunflower State”. This picture was taken a week ago on a farm 15 minutes outside Lawrence. In mid-August, I stalk the farm’s Facebook page to see when the field is going to be in bloom. Golden fields for miles. It’s a magnificent sight.


4 Responses to “30 Weeks”

  1. Jenna says:

    This photo is a beautiful one.

    I remember teetering on names. Enjoy!

  2. Summer says:

    beautiful picture!!! How much fun to visit such a place!!! Congrats, you look beautiful!

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